Features of the dishwashers

Functionality is one of the main characteristics of any technically complex device. The dishwasher is no exception. High competition in this segment stimulates companies to constantly improve their models, actively using innovations to expand it. Functionality significantly affects the choice of the dishwasher and depends on the control system of dishwasher.

Dishwasher key features.

Modern models usually use the following modes.

Automatic mode.

The device automatically selects the optimum washing mode on the basis of the data about degree of the utensils contamination. These data is entered by user. Many modern models automatically determine the cookware quantity and its pollution degree with the help of special sensors. For example, dishwasher chooses the optimal amount of water considering the quantity of utensils based on data of filling sensor. Bosch AquaSensor determines the water pollution degree.

Economy mode.

This mode uses a water with temperature 50-55В° C. It’s designed for slightly dirty cookware. Mode reduces energy consumption by 20%.

Quick wash.

This mode is also used for lightly soiled cookware. This program is present in most models and is very popular with many users. Its duration is only 30 minutes. An analogue of this mode in Candy CDP 4709 model is called the Ultra Fast 24 minute 50В° C. Express program in V-ZUG models washes the utensils for 21 minutes. But this is, of course, without drying dishes.

The soak mode.

Cookware is washed with cold water and stays wet for a long time. Pre-rinse is used everytime after adding a new portion of the dirty cookware. This technology prevents a drying of leftover food.

The program provides for the step-by-step filling the dishwasher for several days. The main mode is activated after full filling.

Half load mode.

This mode provides savings water, detergent and electricity. The sensor generates a command for mode activation at loading only one basket. The second basket remains empty. The operation time is not changed in this mode. This option is present, for example, in Hansa ZIM 436 EH, Indesit DSG 573, Flavia BI 45 IVELA Light, Zigmund & Shtain DW69.4508X models etc. The similar mode in some other models is called economical program.

Delay start.

The electricity cost during the night time is minimal. Therefore, the use of dishwasher in this period is advantageous. The timer provides the implementation of the delayed start.

Intensive washing.

This program is designed for very dirty cookware. The device heats the water in this mode up to 65-70 degrees.

Water purity sensor.

Built-in sensor controls the washing quality. Process continues until the water is transparent. The sensor responds to the absence of dirt and detergent on the cookware and generates a signal to complete the operation.

Sputtering system.

Sputtering is carried out with the help of stationary nozzles and rotating sprayers. For example, Power Clean Max (Whirlpool Company) system provides 32 multi-directional water jets.

Such extreme shower effectively cleans cookware from all contaminants.

ProClean (AEG-Electrolux, Germany) models use the efficient Satellite Spray Arm system for sputtering.

It imitates the chaotic movements of the human hands. This algorithm provides an equally high-quality washing throughout the entire working chamber.

Water supply from below upwards increases the efficiency of cleaning large pots and pans.

Video at the end demonstrates the operation of such a system.

VarioSpeed Plus.

VarioSpeed Plus function reduces twice the duration of washing and drying without losing quality. This feature is present in some Bosch, NEFF and Siemens models. VarioSpeed Plus is connected as an addition to almost any wash program. Pre-wash and Quick Wash modes are the exception. The operation time at full loading is reduced by 66%.

Intensive Zone.

Intensive Zone provides a wash of the very dirty pots and pans in the lower basket. The remaining cookware is washed in the upper basket in ordinary conditions. This technology uses the additional cycles and the water supply to the lower basket at a higher pressure and temperature.

Hygiene Plus.

Hygiene Plus feature provides disinfection due to a high water temperature that reaches 70В° C. The mode duration is 10 minutes.

This option is especially useful for families with small children for disinfection of children’s cookware.

Mode 3 in 1.

This feature is present in models of many manufacturers. Function is designed for use of multicomponent tablets. They are convenient to use, but more expensive compared to traditional detergents, conditioners and water softeners.

Without the upper basket 65В° C.

This program is designed for wash of large cookware in the lower basket. This option is implemented, for example, in models of Miele brand.

Careful washing for cut-glass ware.

The mode is intended for fragile cookware. Electronic temperature control prevents sudden temperature changes. The water pressure is also controlled. This program is implemented in the Indesit models. Similar programs in other manufacturers’ models are called differently. For example, Bosch and Miele models have a similar mode with the name delicate, AEG-Electrolux models – Glass 45.


This program is also popular in models of many manufacturers. It’s intended for use of detergents without phosphates.
Beer glasses.

This program is implemented in the Miele models. Wineglass better keeps the foam on the walls due to the absence of the rinse after washing.

Hygiene mode.

The program is designed for the particularly thorough wash. It’s useful, for example, when washing the baby bottles or the cutting boards. This option is implemented in Kuppersbusch models (Miele).


Utility program is designed for the automatic cleaning the hydraulic parts. The cycle lasts only 45 minutes and does not require of special detergents. This option is implemented in the Hotpoint-Ariston models.

Eco program.

This option is present in many models. The function saves energy and water by increasing the process duration.
The control of water hardness.

Detergents are less effective in the hard water with a high content of calcium, magnesium and other metals. However, too soft water can also be harmful to the cookware. For example, it accelerates the destruction of the glassware. Glass quickly becomes brittle, and the surface becomes cloudy.

Electronic system optimizes the salt consumption taking into account the specified water stiffness level and selected program. This feature is implemented in the Bosch SPV 43M00, NEFF S58M43X1, AEG F 88400 VI, Zanussi ZDV 15001 FA, Electrolux ESL 4650 RO, Zigmund & Shtain DW79.4509X models.

Some models provide the identification of combined means (tablets 3 in 1, 4 in 1, etc.) and the adjustment of programs.

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