Review of Electrolux vacuums

Of course, Electrolux brand does not need a presentation. For many years, this Swedish company confidently ranks among the leaders in the segment of household appliances. Nevertheless, information about the product range and features of vacuums under this brand can help make the best choice.

Electrolux Company was founded at the beginning of the last century. Interestingly, it’s the American Santo vacuum weighing more than 44 pounds served as the impetus for the founder of the company Axel Wenner-Gren. He decided to develop a more compact and convenient model. For this purpose, Axel Wenner-Gren founded the Elektromekaniska AB Company in 2010. Another Swedish AB Lux Company in this period experienced great difficulties in business. This company produced kerosene lamps for street lanterns since 1901. The rapid spread of electricity in Europe has sharply reduced the demand for this product. These companies joined forces and in 1913 created the first vacuum that was called Lux 1. This model weighed only 30 pounds that was a very big achievement for that time. The weight of the second Lux model decreased to 20 pounds.

Elektrolux AB name appeared in 1919. But in 1957 it was transformed into Electrolux in English due to a sharp increase in popularity outside of Sweden.

Active innovation policy is the slogan of the company. The list of new technologies from this company is extensive and constantly updated. For example, Electrolux developed the first Trilobit robotic vacuum in 2001 and the first wireless Ergorapido model in 2004. Today, the factories of this company are located almost all over the world.

The range of Electrolux vacuums is very wide and includes models of almost any type. Nevertheless, several series are the most popular.

Animal Care Collection

This series has special nozzles for cleaning carpets, floors and furniture from the pet hair. Models provide high suction power and have anti-allergenic filters.

UltraFlex AnimalCare

These vacuums, for example, Electrolux-EL4335A, have Motion Control and Multi Room systems.

Motion Control System provides maneuverability, smoothness and reliable dynamic adhesion to the surface. Multi Room System ensure cleaning within a radius of up to 40ft.

PowerForce AnimalCare

These models, for example, Electrolux ZPF2310T, provide high quality cleaning and excellent maneuverability.

Power Pro System with innovative universal floor/carpet DustPro nozzle provides excellent versatility. Moreover, 360 Motion Technology significantly simplifies cleaning even in hard-to-reach places, providing turn the vacuum on the spot.

Unfortunately, low passability due to the small diameter of the rear wheels and the absence of indication during electric cable pulling slightly limit the capabilities of these models.

Ergorapido AnimalCare

These vacuums, for example, Electrolux EL2095A Handheld Cordless Vacuum, are ideal for daily cleaning.

They have illumination of the cleaning zone, optimized PerformancePro nozzle for large debris and a unique system of self-cleaning brushes.

The short battery life and the small volume of the dust bag were the main drawbacks of this series. The new Lithium TurboPower battery solved this problem. The video at the end of the article demonstrates a new model.

Green Collection

The series includes UltraFlex Green, UltraOne Green, UltraSilencer Zen Green, PowerForce Green, SilentPerformer Cyclonic Green, SilentPerformer Green and Ergorapido Green. All these models are made on 70% from recycled plastic.

UltraSilencer and UltraSilencer ZEN

The models in this series have a very low noise level. Silent ZEN System uses a silent motor, effective sound insulation and sound-absorbing attachment for the dust collector.

The noise level of ULtraSilencer ZEN ZUSALLER58 does not exceed 58 dB.

For comparison, the noise level in the office or noise of air conditioner is about 60 dB. The work of most modern vacuums is accompanied by a noise of about 70 dB.

A special Silent Zen nozzle ensures a snug fit of the brush to the floor, increasing cleaning efficiency while reducing noise. The AeroPro system also minimizes noise level without loss of cleaning quality. It includes an Aero Pro nozzle, a tube and a flexible hose with a smooth profile.

Models are equipped with Allergy Plus filter, anti-allergenic s-bag hygiene anti-allergy dust collector and a mini turbo brush for cleaning upholstered furniture from the pet hair.

The efficiency of the Allergy Plus filter for spores, pollen and other allergens reaches 99.95%.

Unfortunately, this model does not have power adjustment on the housing. This is inconvenient in a case of a battery discharge in the handle.

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