Review of the built-in BOSCH CTL636ES1 coffee machine

BOSCH CTL636ES1 is a fully automated model. Unprecedentedly large number of innovative solutions is its key feature.

The container for coffee beans is equipped with a special hermetic lid to preserve the fragrance. It’s designed for 500 grams of coffee beans and has sensor for control of the filling level.

The coffee machine provides a pressure of 19 bar and a power of 1600 watts. High power ensures very fast making coffee.

The front panel is made in black and white colors.

This model is equipped with OneTouch DoubleCup system that provides simultaneous preparation of two coffee drinks.

TFT-display with an interactive menu corresponds to the premium class.

It supports several languages and displays information about the need to replace the water filter, clean the device and descaling.

This coffee machine prepares Cream coffee, Espresso, cappuccino, hot water, coffee, Latte macchiato and Ristretto.

CTL636ES1 provides profile settings and is equipped with self-cleaning program and automatic descaling. The profile retains the names of eight coffee beverages with a different ratio of milk and espresso.

Innovative engineering solutions provide almost silent operation of the model. High-quality ceramic SilentCeram Drive coffee grinder also works almost silently. This coffee grinder uses triple operation zone. CoffeeSensor Pro automatically adapts the operation of the coffee grinder to a variety grades of coffee beans.

This model is also equipped with an innovative piston.

The volume of beverages is adjustable. The height of the dispenser and cappuccinatore also is adjustable up to 15 inches.

A removable container holds 2.4 liters of water and provides an indication of its filling level.
Innovative brewing AromaProConcept system provides the optimum pressure for full disclosure of coffee taste.

The OneTouch function is designed to prepare milk coffee beverages with a single button press.

AromaDoubleSystem is designed for making strong coffee without bitter taste.

Individual adjustment of the drink temperature offers three temperature modes for coffee and four temperatures for hot water.

The model uses an aqueous Brita filter.

AutoMilk Clean system is designed to automatically clean the milk supply system after each preparation of the drink. This is performed the help of hot steam.

Removable cappuccinatore, drop container and container for coffee waste are washed in a dishwasher.

SinglePortion system provides automatic cleaning of the brewing system after each brewing cycle.

Calc’nClean system is designed for automatic cleaning and descaling.

This device is also equipped with a separate milk container with a FreshLock cover.

Unfortunately, there is no heating the cups. But, a very high price is the main drawback of this model.

The making coffee process with this coffee machine is shown in the video.

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