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All Bosch dishwashers Review

Bosch dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers

Dishwasher can rightly be positioned as one of the most popular household kitchen appliances. Traditionally for all household appliances, they are divided into budget, mid-budget and premium segments. Whirlpool and Frigidaire offer a wide range of relatively inexpensive models with high performance but basic functionality. Bosch, Miele, GE, KitchenAid and Maytag claim leadership in the more expensive dishwasher segment.

Of course, this division is very conditional. Whirlpool and Frigidaire lineups contain flagship models with a full range of innovations, while Bosch and Miele offer the great budget versions. Nonetheless, such a classification is quite fair and can narrow the choice, for example, for students or newlyweds on a limited budget.

Today the German giant produces several series including:

– Ascenta;

– Bosch 100;

– -‘- 300;

– -‘- 500;

– -‘- 800;

– Bosch Benchmark.

Bosch Dishwashers series

The company uses several primary styles in all series.

Bosch Dishwasher Design Styles

It depends on the handle (Pocket / Recessed / Towel Bar / Scoop handle) and controls (hidden / visible).

Pros & Cons


– low noise level.

Bosch dishwashers are rightfully considered ultra-quiet. This aspect is sometimes important. Indeed, even ‘Quick Wash’ mode lasts ~ 30 minutes, increasing to several hrs for ‘Normal’. At a high noice level, it may cause discomfort for the people with sensitive hearing or for families with babies.

The company began solving this problem about 20 years ago and its efforts have not been in vain. Today it offers models with noise up to 40 dB or slightly higher. In comparison, Whirlpool or Frigidaire dishwashers are positioned as quiet at noise levels up to 50 dB. But, in fairness, ~40 dB corresponds to the noise level in the library or in study hall, and normal conversation it varies from 55 to 65 dB. Therefore, many people perceive even 50 dB without irritation as a surrounding background.

Dishwasher noise level

Curiously, but almost silent operation created the problem of device operation monitoring. As a result, the company has developed the InfoLight and TimeLight indicators, which display its status on the floor.

Bosch Dishwasher InfoLight & TimeLight

– high wash / dry performance.

Bosch models combine reliable components (motors, pumps, etc) with innovative Bosch’s PrecisionWash (intelligent sensors) and AutoAir/CrystalDry, providing high quality with minimal water and energy consumption;

– traditional German reliability – service life of Bosch dishwashers often reaches 10 years vs the industry average it’s just over 5 years;

– wide range – lineup includes models from $ 500 (Ascenta 100) to $ 2,300 (Benchmark models);

– elegant appearance with seamless design, hidden controls and pocket handles.


– not always quick replacement of broken components and limited availability of some very popular models;

– innovation models cost over $ 1,000;

– filters instead of built-in hard food disposer require periodic cleaning.

100 series and Ascenta

All modern Bosch models use the same motor and pump system. But price, tub material (stainless steel / plastic), drying technology, noise, racks, and WiFi compatibility dependent on the number of serie.

100 Series

Bosch Dishwasher 100 series

Models have great price and renowned reliability, but:

– almost 50 dB noice;

– tub with stainless steel walls and plastic bottom;

– 3rd rack is not available in all models;

– inconvenient height adjustment of interior racks.

The cheapest SHEM3AY55N (no 3rd rack and noise of 50 dB) costs $ 650 on the company’s website. At a price of $ 850, SHXM4AY55N with up to 48 dB noice offers 3rd rack and provides the best value for money.


– SHEM3AY55N – recessed handle & front controls;

– SHXM4AY55N (SHXM4AY56N in black) – towel bar handle & top controls;

– SHVM4AYB3N – panel-ready door & top controls.

As known, in 2019 this series was to replace the ultra-popular Bosch Ascenta. It first used the new direct current brushless motor, the list of pros which includes:

– no alternating current;

– quiet operation due to no friction;

– higher reliability and low energy consumption;

– adjustable water pressure in the spray arms.

But the company continues to produce the Ascenta SHE3AR75UC ($ 650). Unfortunately, there is no data on the its motor.

300 vs 500 Series

Bosch Dishwasher 300 series


– SHEM63W55N full-width recessed handle & front controls;

– SHSM63W55N – scroop handle & top controls;

– SHXM63W55N – towel bar handle & top controls;

– SHVM63W53N – panel-ready door & top controls.

This series includes ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height models (28 -34 inches) and dishwashers 18 inches wide.

The noice level of flagship SHEM63W55N ($ 950) does not exceed 44 dB.

Key Features:

– PureDry condensation drying technology;

– standard 3rd rack with a removable silverware basket.

3rd rack RackMatic

Bosch uses three different third rack designs, including Standard (30% more loading area) in mid-budget models, or are deeper and more customizable Flexible (intermediate version) and MyWay (max loading space).

Bosch dishwasher myway rack

– place settings of 16;

– stainless steel tube;

– noice level up to 44 dB;

– default Speed60 express program (1hr cycle);

– AquaStop leak protection;

– push button controls;

– InfoLight beam.

500 Series

AutoAir dry (auto opening door after cycle completion to eliminate excess moisture), very successful door design with a pocket handle, and great operation of the sliding mechanism have made this series extremely popular.

Bosch Dishwasher AutoAir dry

Moreover, the most popular SHPM65Z55N is only $ 100 more expensive vs flagship 300-series SHEM63W55N ($ 1,050 vs $ 950).

Key features:

– AutoAir Dry drying system;

– standard 3 rd rack;

– EasyGlide upper rack;

– rackmatic adjustable racks;

– place settings of 16;

– push button controls;

– default Speed60 express program (1hr cycle);

– AquaStop leak protection;

– InfoLight beam.

800 and Benchmark Series

Bosch Dishwasher 800 series

Of course, the innovative CrystalDry drying system is the main bonus of the series.

Bosch Dishwasher CrystalDry

This patented technology increases the drying efficiency without increasing energy consumption. It uses zeolite, which absorbs moisture, converting it into a warm air stream. When in contact with water, the zeolite heats up, producing enough heat to dry plastic dishes.

The flagship SHXM78Z55N is $ 1,300 today, $ 200 less vs launch price. Some models in this series have MyWay Rack.


– SHPM78Z55N – pocket handle door design (stainless steel or black stainless steel);

– SHXM78Z55N – towel bar handle (stainless steel);

– SHVM78Z53N – panel ready door;

– SHEM78ZH5N -WiFi connectivity.

Key features:

– CrystalDry drying system;

– 3 rd rack – standard, flexible & adjustable ;

– EasyGlide upper rack;

– rackmatic adjustable racks:

– place settings of 16;

– touch controls;

– default Speed60 express program (1hr cycle);

– AquaStop leak protection;

– InfoLight beam.

Bosch premium Benchmark Series

The multifunctional SHV89PW73N with panel-ready door and MyWay rack has only 40 dB noise level but costs $ 2,250. However, SHE89PW75N and SHX89PW75N with 38 dB are the quietest on the market.

Probably, WiFi support with HomeConnect app will appeal to progressives. Dimming interior lighting is conveniently at night. The ability to use a water softener is very useful for hard water regions.


Mid-budget 100 and 300 series compete with the formidable Whirlpool and Frigidaire brands. However, the products of the German giant cope with this task quite successfully. The 800th and Benchmark series in the premium segment successfully compete with Miele, KitchenAid, Beko, LG dishwashers, etc. The 500th series, priced around $1,000, offers a compromise between relatively affordable price and premium functionality. For several years now, its excellent value for money has ensured its high popularity in the market. However, GE, Maytag and other reputable are also present in this segment.

In general, German reliability, reasonable pricing and an impeccable reputation have been providing Bosch dishwashers with a place among the industry leaders for several decades, and the company is clearly not going to give it up.

This video shows Max Flex basket in Bosch dishwasher.

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