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Jura E6 EC vs Jura E6 EB Review

Jura E6 EC

Jura E6 EC

The iconic Jura brand is owned by the Swiss company Elektroapparate AG, which has been designing, manufacturing and distributing premium home appliances since 1931. In the early 90s of the last century, the company focused its efforts in the premium coffee machine segment. The Swiss reliability and quality quickly provided it a place among the industry leaders.

Today the company cooperates with eminent Swiss Eugster Frismag AG, which is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). For reference, this leading global manufacturer also makes models under the Saeco, Philips, Gaggia, Bosch, Nivona and Melitta brands.

Jura offers a wide range of models including full-size D, E, S, J, Z series and compact A and ENA series.

As known, Jura uses a fairly simple and convenient system for naming its products, changing only the letter article in the series. It corresponds to the development year. For example, the E6 ‘EB’ gen of 2020 replaced the previous E6 ‘EA’. Accordingly, the E6 ‘EC’ (2022) replaces the E6 ‘EB’ (2020). However, some online sellers prefer the name ‘Jura E6 2023’, which completely eliminates the error in determining the model year.

Mid-budget E6 and E8 are among the most popular. The operation of milk-based programs is the main difference between them.

Milk-based coffee drinks

The fully automatic E8 makes them ‘one touch’. E6 requires a separate two-push start for coffee and milk dispensing and works as follows:

– start the ‘milk’ program – request – open the water/steam tap (turn the rotary switch by 90 degrees) – second request – close the tap (turn the dial to its original position) – the dispenser adds coffee.

Some experts position such models as ‘milk semi-automatic coffee machines’. However, the price difference makes up for the extra hassle.

Jura E6 EC


– Jura E6 EC Piano Black (15437) – black coffee machine;

– Piano White (15438) – white model;

– Dark Inox (15439) – black body with blued metal front panel;

– Platin (15440) – black model with a gray front panel.

Of course, each new version offers improvements, but their number and importance can vary significantly. Undoubtedly, the range of automatic ‘one-touch’ programs directly affects the model functionality and depends on its class. But, of course, even a premium model is unlikely to be able to offer even a part of modern recipes.

Coffee range

However, companies are constantly expanding their number with the most popular recipes. In particular, the new Caffè Barista (espresso with warm milk and milk foam) and Lungo Barista (120 ml coffee and 100 ml water) programs were the main improvement of the E6 EB vs E6 EA.

E6 EC vs E6 EB

– Extra Shot

In fact, cappuccino with Extra Shot is a milk-based drink with a pronounced coffee dominant based on double espresso 40-50 ml each. It was first implemented in E8 EB. It’s activated in the submenu using the ‘gear’ (lower left key). The coffee machine then divides the process into two stages, preparing a drink based on a double espresso. Flat White uses a similar algorithm. The machine prepares two smaller espressos in a row and adds milk froth;

– the new design of the dispenser module has simplified the supply of coffee and milk in the cup. Located between the coffee nozzles, the cappuccinator outlet does not require additional movement even with a narrow cup neck width.

Jura E6 EC Dispenser

The milk frother spout in JURA E6 EB version was located on the side. But the cup height limit to 11 cm has been preserved.

Main technologies

Of course, the new series uses popular Jura’s technologies, including:

– Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.).

As known, the aroma and taste of coffee significantly depends on the water temperature and the extraction duration. For example, professional baristas vary the extraction timing for espresso from 20 to 30 seconds.

Of course, coffee machine designers also take this factor into account. In fact, PEP optimizes the extraction time. Making short espresso, the coffee machine with this technology forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals.

Jura Pulse Extraction Process technology

In turn, the optimal setting extracts a maximum of aroma. This technology has been around for almost 10 years. At the end of 2012, after several years of experimentation, development engineers presented this technology to the company’s management. In 2015, it was first implemented in the new Z6 platform. According to many experts, today PEP is one of the most effective in the industry;

– Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.).

Jura Intelligent Water system

Of course, the water quality also significantly affects the coffee taste. To solve this problem, the company developed IWS with CLEARYL water filter (~ $ 25).

Jura Clearyl Blue Water Filter Cartridge

IWS removes foreign substances from the water and protects the coffee machine against limescale, reducing water hardness by 75%. The filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology, providing filter presence control. But operation blocking in case of its absence in some models is not always optimal. For example, many use already purified water, which does not require additional filtration;

– I.P.B.A.S. (Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System) heats water to wet the coffee before brewing. The volume of heated water depends on the amount of ground coffee.

Jura IPBAS system


In addition to Extra Shot and a new design of the dispenser module, the E6 EC offers several minor improvements that improve overall usability significantly. This list includes:

– bypass for ground coffee.

This option is convenient for decaffeinated coffee lovers. It’s activated in the same submenu, which contains the Extra Shot icon. Accordingly, the model comes with a measuring spoon;

– a special container for the milk system cleaning and a cleaning agent in granules (up to 10 cleaning cycles) simplify maintenance;

– like the E8 EB, the E6 EC uses flat buttons and a wider plastic grill on stand for cups. In addition, the comfortable grip on the drip tray makes it extremely easy to carry.

Jura E6 EC drip tray

– more convenient editing the settings by briefly pressing the icons of the corresponding programs;

– new ‘Smart’ mode displays drinks on the screen, editing their sequence depending on the number of launches. When disabled, the user can edit the order of icons manually;

– increased setting steps for coffee strength and brewing temperature from 8 to 10 and from 2 to 3, respectively. Given the redundancy of previous gradations, this improvement is not very significant;

– model offers a quick cappuccinatore rinse via the red backlit ‘gear’ on the display. This option is also available manually through a menu. Cleaning mode is intended for more thorough cleaning. Milk residues cause mold in the system, unpleasant odors and ultimately reduce cappuccinatore efficiency frothing;

– ground coffee bypass and grinding regulator have a separate cover, which is placed behind the cover of the coffee bean container.

Jura E6 EC top

– the ergonomics of the water container handle with a metal insert has become more comfortable.

Key features


– steel conical Aroma Professional grinder with 6 settings;

– removable brewing unit with a capacity of up to 16 grams for ground coffee;

– 280 gram bean hopper with a transparent rubberized lid around the perimeter;

– 1.9 liter water tank;

– coffee grounds container for 16 servings;

– 1450 W flow thermoblock;

– 15 bar Sysko pump;

– drip tray filling sensor;

– connector for Smart Connect module to control with phone via Bluetooth.

The JURA E6 EC comes with two cleaning tablets, a Claris SMART filter and a replaceable water nozzle that can be used in place of the cappuccinatore for splash protection.

Some prefer to use a coffee machine without a water filter. This is achieved at the first start after selecting the language and setting the water hardness by pressing the bottom right button for a few seconds.

The list of controversial decisions:

– the corrugated surface of a stylish transparent water tank slightly impairs visual control of the water level;

– the statistics of prepared drinks is only available through J.O.E. app;

– milk hose does not have a fixing clip, which is inconvenient when using the coffee machine without an external milk container;

– E6 EC comes without a Jura glass milk container, which costs ~$ 60.

Jura glass milk container

– the quick rinse function only cleans the cappuccinatore module in the dispenser without the hose. Accordingly, it requires a separate rinsing under running water or a complete cleaning of the cappuccinatore. However, a cup with clean water instead of a milk container in frothing mode also cleans the milk hose perfectly. Moreover, the company has successfully implemented a cappuccinatore cleaning mode with a special plastic container in the kit.


With the new series, the company has ditched the controversial Doppio program, which offered only double the amount of water for a single espresso cycle.

At a quick double tap, the Jura E6 EC does two grinds and two consecutive espresso, which is the classic recipe.

Except for ‘Smart’ mode, EC is identical to EB. It has two menus with espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam on the first and barista coffee, barista lungo, macchiato, hot water on the second. The location of the icons can be edited manually.

Jura E6 EC Menu


– espresso (with P.E.P.) – default 45 ml / 15-80 ml setting;

– coffee (lungo, without P.E.P.) – 100 ml / 25-240 ml;

– Barista coffee (Americano, without P.E.P.) – 60 ml espresso + 40 ml hot water / 25-240 ml + 0-240 ml;

– lungo Barista (large americano) – 120 coffee + 100 water / 25-240 ml + 0-240 ml;

– cappuccino (without P.E.P., milk foam + coffee) – 12 seconds milk foam (1 sec ~ 7-10 ml) + 60 ml coffee / milk foam up to 45 sec (~ 400 ml) + 25 – 240 ml coffee;

– macchiato (with P.E.P.) – 3 seconds milk foam + 25 ml espresso / 3-45 seconds milk foam + 15-80 ml espresso;

– milk foam – 2 sec / 1-45 sec (up to 400 ml);

– hot water – 220 ml / 25-300 ml.

For reference, the Jura models uses the following settings in the most popular recipes.

Jura milk-based coffee drinks

Jura Doppio

Jura Latte

For comparison, premium DeLonghi Eletta Explore offers 40 pre-programmed coffee recipes. But previously this record was held by Jura Z10.


Probably, Extra Shot mode, more convenient dispenser module, bypass for ground coffee, ‘Smart’ mode and increased usability can hardly be positioned as a revolutionary upgrade. But given the previous price level, they significantly increase the value for money of the E6 series. Depending on region and color, the price of the E6 varies up to ~€ 900.

Of course, the competition in this segment is very high. In particular, a partial list of formidable competitors includes:

Nivona NICR CafeRomatica 7 series;

Delonghi Magnifica Evo and Delonghi Dinamica Plus;

Melitta Latte Select;

Gaggia Brera and Philips 3200 LatteGo.

However, the time-tested Swiss reliability and impeccable reputation promise cloudless marketing prospects for the updated E6 EC 2023.

This video shows cleaning the milk system in new Jura E6 EC (2023).

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