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Review of coffee machines

Review of coffee machines

Review of coffee machines

The popularity of these devices are constantly growing in recent decades. Today, coffee machines are an indispensable attribute in almost all offices and kitchens. Of course, rigid competition forces manufacturers to actively use innovative solutions in their models. For example, some modern models support Wi-Fi connection and control using a smartphone. Moreover, almost all modern coffee machines of the middle and upper price segment are programmable and provide almost complete automation of the coffee making process.

Nevertheless, the brewing coffee technology has not changed. Therefore, the basic principle of the operation of these devices also does not change. But the control and indication systems are constantly improved due to new digital technologies.

The coffee machine consists the several main components. The process of preparing the beverage includes mixing hot water with coffee and adding the milk, cream or other ingredients depending on the recipe.

Operation modes

Modern models provide the following functions:

– grinding;

– the formation of a special tablet of coffee powder;

– passing hot water through a coffee tablet under pressure;

– warming up cup;

– foaming milk;

– removal of used grinding.

The coffee machine carries out all these operations for up to one minute. Modern models additionally provide self-cleaning, indication of the state of the water filter, etc. Of course, all additional functions affect the cost of the device.

Commercial models can prepare hundreds of servings a day. They are designed for large offices and cafes. Of course, these devices are much larger compared to traditional coffee maker. These large and heavy models have capacious containers for water, grains and spent coffee.

Compact models can cook several dozen servings per day and are designed for home use.

Usually, they weigh up to 20 lbs and have a capacity of several liters.

Espresso models

Today, espresso machines are the most common type of coffee machine. Their popularity is growing rapidly in the last decade. These devices brew coffee, passing hot water through a layer of ground coffee under a certain pressure. Modern espresso machines are conventionally divided into boiler or pump models.

Boiler models heat water to boiling water (100 degrees) and pass it under a slight pressure of 4-5 bars through pressed coffee powder. Pump models heat water to about 90 degrees and pass it through coffee at a higher pressure, from 10 bar and above. The taste of such coffee is very rich and like to many people.

Almost all modern models provide coffee strength adjustment. For example, the strongest coffee is brewed with slow passage of water under high pressure through 9-10 grams of ground coffee. Accordingly, reducing the dosage is accompanied by a decrease in the strength of coffee.

Grinding the grains also affects the taste of coffee. Fine grinding provides a rich flavor bouquet. But, the taste of coffee is bitter enough. The coarse grinding is intended for the preparation of liquid coffee.

This video demonstrates the simplicity of the coffee strength adjustment in De`Longhi coffee machine.

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