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Review of robotic Ecovacs vacuums

Review of robotic Ecovacs vacuums

Review of robotic Ecovacs vacuums

Chinese Ecovacs Robotics is positioned as a technology company. However, today some experts dispute the correctness of this concept. Silicon Valley in the mid-90s of the last century was the cause of its appearance. Initially, technological entrepreneurship meant business on the basis of an innovative idea that provides a competitive advantage. Later, this segment received rapid development in the Internet business and software development. But today almost all successful companies to some extent actively use innovative technologies, because this is a necessary requirement to maintain market competitiveness. Accordingly, the original meaning this term has partially lost its importance.

The company history begins since 1998. Ecovacs Robotics Company was founded by Qian Dongqi for producing equipment for vacuums called TEK Electrical Company. But in 2006, Ecovacs Robotics declared itself an independent manufacturer of robotic vacuums. The first Deebot series appeared in 2007. These models quickly became popular due to their relatively high quality and small price. The development of robotic devices at home is a key feature of this company. The workplace of the many employees is organized at the place of their residence. According to analysts, in 2013 this company already controlled up to 60% of the Chinese market in robotic vacuums segment.

Active expansion of business falls on the period from 2012 to 2014. The company opened its offices in the US, Japan and Germany. Today, Ecovacs vacuums successfully compete with other popular brands.

Main series

Today, the range of Ecovacs vacuums includes Deebot series of robotic vacuums, Atmobot series of robotic air purifiers and Winbot series of robots for cleaning windows.

Deebot robot uses a complex, but effective intelligent motion technology. For example, Innovative Smart Navi technology today is considered one of the most perfect. Video at the end of this article shows its possibilities.

Moreover, all Deebot models provide wet/dry cleaning. Most modern robots provide only dry cleaning, since moisture can damage dangerous for electronics. Of course, modern technologies can provide reliable waterproofing, but this significantly complicates the design and, consequently, increases the cost. Therefore, support of wet cleaning provides additional competitive advantage of these models.

Deebot M81Pro

Deebot M81Pro is a novelty of 2017.

The novelty provides sweeping, lift, suction, mopping and dry cleaning. The robot supports control via a smartphone using the ECOVACS app that provides:

– cleaning start;

– scheduling (daily or weekly);

– mode selection;

– selection of the cleaning path;

– cleaning of a certain zone.

The model also supports Alexa that provides stopping, charging and start of cleaning.

This robot uses a 5-step cleaning technology.

Model has the following modes:

– automatic daily cleaning;

– Spot Cleaning Mode;

– Edge Cleaning Mode;

– Max Cleaning Mode with increased suction power;

– Single Room mode for cleaning in one room.

Each mode has its own optimal trajectory.

This robot uses the V-Shaped Main Brush that good has proven itself in previous models.

Anti-Drop Sensors identify a height difference from 3.1 inches and higher, reliably preventing a fall from the steps of the stairs.

The model height is only 3.1″. Therefore, the surface even under low furniture is available for cleaning. Unfortunately, the robot does not always overcome obstacles. This is the only small drawback of the model.

Of course, robotic vacuums are much inferior to traditional models in terms of cleaning quality and prices due to low engine power and a complex control system. They are designed only to maintain a certain level of purity. Nevertheless, full automation of the cleaning process steadily attracts new fans of these devices.

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