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Review of robotic iLife vacuums

Review of robotic iLife vacuums

Review of robotic iLife vacuums

The leader of the Chinese market in the segment of research, production and marketing of the robotic vacuums, iLife was founded in 2007. But already in 2010 and 2011 years, the company opened R&D centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Today it manufactures vacuums at factories in Shenzhen and Dongguan, has a large number of patents and is one of the innovative leaders in the segment of robotic vacuums.

Since 2015 iLife models sold around the world. Today the company has branches in the USA, Japan, Europe and Russia.

As known, iLife robots have many prizes at various exhibitions. For example, these robots received the “Best Design” award at the global robot show in 2016 and the Editors’ Choice Award from experts at in the US.

2017 was no exception. iLife V5s Pro robot won the next Innovation Water Tank Award at the famous IFA exhibition that opened on September 1, 2017 in Berlin.

Today, iLife vacuums successfully compete with other popular brands.

iLife V5s Pro

The new model has innovative waterproofing and technology of water spraying that increase its efficiency and time life.

iLife V5s Pro with slot for water container is designed primarily for cleaning hard surfaces (wood, tiles, laminate, etc.).

This model uses innovative i-dropping technology that ensures uniform moistening the microfiber tissue.

Mopping function is a great advantage of iLife robots. Most modern models provide only a dry cleaning because of the complex protection of electronics from moisture. The dust collector and the water container have one slot. Therefore, the Mopping function requires their replacement. Of course, two slots are more convenient. But, this solution will significantly increase the size of the model. Therefore, the engineers decided in favor of compactness. The volume of the water container is only 300 ml. Unfortunately, the small capacity limits the maximum cleaning time when scheduling, because 300 ml provides only about 45 minutes of operation.

The increased wheel diameter and Self-Rescue technology a significant improve the passableness of the new model.

According to the company, the vacuum overcomes obstacles up to 10mm in height at an angle of up to 15 degrees. However, the maneuverability of the robot sharply decreases on carpets with a long pile. But, most other robotic vacuums also are ineffective for operation on carpets and significantly inferior to traditional models in this aspect.

The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 2600 mAh that provides 150 minutes of continuous cleaning.

Robot has height 3″ and easily passes under low furniture.

MAX mode provides maximum suction power that reaches 850 Pa. Supper Silent mode is designed for cleaning with minimal noise and with a reduced suction power that decreases up to 550 Pa. This robot also supports the cleaning schedule function.

Advantages and disadvantages

A large number of sensors very effectively prevent the collisions of robot with obstacles and protect it from falling from the ladder.

The robot supports almost all modern cleaning algorithms, including Auto, Edge and Spot.

Remote control is very simple, convenient and functional.

Overall, iLife V5s Pro has several improvements compared to the previous iLife V5 model. But, increase of suction power from 600 to 850 Pa is main.


– low price;

– high suction power;

– effective cleaning the hard surfaces;

– low noise level;

– overcoming the obstacles is confident enough;

– convenient remote control with good functionality.


– Mopping function requires replacing the dust collector to the water container;

– low efficiency of cleaning carpets;

– small volume of water container limits the maximum cleaning time.

This video demonstrates the iLife A4S vs iLife A6 comparison.

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