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Additional functions of modern washers

Additional functions of modern washers

Additional functions of modern washers

As known, the price and functionality of modern household appliances significantly affects their competitiveness in the market. Of course, washing machines are no exception and their functionality is one of the main criteria for choosing a model when buying a washer.. Therefore, many modern washers of the upper price segment are often equipped with additional functions.

Intelligent control

Some models support a innovative Fuzzy Logic (FL) system that provides fully automatic of washing process with CPU and sensors. This system is activated by a single button press. In fact, fully automated process saves time and provides constant control over the washing process. FL automatic corrects the program on the basis of sensors data. So, for example, drying or rinsing modes work. Their duration is determined by sensor data of residual moisture and water transparency. The user only specifies the fabric material.

CPU calculates the optimal mode of the water heating and speed of the drum rotation, checks the transparency and temperature of the water. Consumption of water and energy is selected depending on the degree loading drum. Actually, FL system provides the most optimal wash mode. But such models are more expensive than traditional devices approximately on $ 100 – 150. Fuzzy Logic system most often uses a touch panel.

Protection against vibration

Load balancing significantly reduces the vibration level of device in the spin mode. Washing machine with this option automatically distributes the things inside the drum and activates the spin mode. This is reduces vibration and extends the device service life.

Anti-crease function

Some technological algorithms ensure minimal crease formation during washing. This list contains the following.

1. CPU determines the optimum washing conditions considering the fabric type. As a result, the formation of creases during washing is reduced to a minimum.

2. Optimization is also carried out by excluding intermediate spin mode during wash cycle. In this case, spin mode is activated only at the end of the cycle.

3. The drum is rotated in the opposite direction at low speed of 30 rpm for more even distribution of laundry. This is also reduces the formation of creases.

4. Stop with water is also effective, but is suitable only for situations where the user does not plans to remove the laundry from the washing machine at the end of the wash.

5. Spin with intervals also reduces the formation of creases, but greatly increases the spin time.

6. Increasing the water amount during rinsing provides a more uniform laundry distribution in the drum and reduces formation of creases.

7. Use of steam.

The innovative Steam Anti-Crease program uses steam produced in the washing machine. It passes through a small openings of the drum and removes creases. This technology is implemented, for example, in V-ZUG Adora washing machines. The photo demonstrates the impressive effectiveness of Steam Anti-Crease program.

The video at the end demonstrates PlusSteam Option to reduce wrinkles in AEG washers.

Alarm system

Some newer models are equipped with an emergency alarm system. Information about the failure is displayed in the form of a corresponding icon. Such icons are appear, eg, at absence or transfusion of water, door open drum, etc. Models without a display are used for this purpose the LED indicators

Other popular modes


This mode is designed for heavily soiled laundry, especially from natural fibers. It uses warm water with detergent and special additives that provide more intensive dissolution of pollutions. Today the market offers their in a very wide range.

Soaking time is usually from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Soaking is carried out in the presence of detergent with special additives that provide more intensive dissolution of pollutions.

Economical, Quick wash or Daily wash mode

Usually, the names of these modes are different for companies, but they are identical in content. This mode is designed for wash of linen without significant pollution that significantly saves the consumption of detergent, water and time.

Hand wash mode

Mode provides the minimal impact on clothes and is designed for delicate fabrics.

Bio – phase and Eco – program modes

These modes are used for special detergents with enzymes in different temperature regimes.

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