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How to buy a washer

How to buy a washer

How to buy a washer

The choice of the optimal model primarily depends on the functionality, features and price of the washer.

Main features

– ALC-system

Automatic system of water control adjusts the water consumption during operation.

– Aqua Sensor

This sensor reduces water consumption during rinsing with the help of control of the water transparency.

– Aqua Stop

This system prevents water leakage, automatically shutting off the water supply in case crash.

– Auto Balance System

The Auto Balance System of the washing machine makes sure that the load is evenly distributed while the clothes are being washed in the rotating drum. This system controls the drum rotation speed and stops the motor to optimize of the laundry distribution when the drum is unevenly filled. In this case, the system slowly shakes the drum in different directions, optimizing the laundry distribution in drum. In case of insufficient balancing, the device continues to work with reduced speed. This technology increases the service life due to minimum vibration.

Unfortunately, some models with unbalance sensor do not always work correctly.

– Automatic optimization

This control algorithm selects the optimal water amount depending on the workload.

– Auto cooling water before discharge

Function reduces the temperature difference of water in the drum and drainage system.

– Delay start

It provides a start delay in the range from 1 hour to 1 day. This is very convenient when using a washing machine at night, which saves money due to a lower tariff.

The video at the end shows some popular technologies that are used in IFB washers, including Aqua Spa Therapy, Deep Clean with Triadic Pulsator, etc.

Innovative features

Front and top load models provide an almost identical set of basic functions. But modern models of top price segment often support additional functions.

– AddWash

This series from Samsung provides to add laundry to the drum without interrupting the washing program.

It’s implemented as a little hatch in door of the front load washing machine.

– Bubble Soak

This system increases the dissolution efficiency of detergents in water.

The water with air bubbles dissolves the detergent practically by 100%.

– Fuzzi Control

This algorithm adjusts the washing program depending on the laundry volume and its type.

– S-system

This system controls the foam formation with the help of sensor and, if necessary, increases the rinsing duration.

– Smart system.

This system takes into account the laundry type, chooses the optimal drum rotation speed and controls the foam amount

Noise level

Today, the competitiveness of household appliances significantly depends on such aspects as energy consumption, noise level, etc. Therefore, manufacturers pay much attention to these aspects and actively advertise their achievements. The noise level of modern models is on average about 55 dBA. Spin mode generates noise in the range from 70 to 76 dBA. Device label necessarily contains this value.

Noiseless models have a thick layer of sound insulation within the housing that is made from a special material. In addition, manufacturers sometimes replace the standard motor with collector on the asynchronous three-phase motor. It works much quieter. As a result, the noise level of such model is very low. However, the cost of such models is significantly higher.

Today, according to the company`s Vestel, the world record of a silent wash belongs to their washing machine whose noise level is only 39 dBA.

Modes and programs

The model price depends essentially on the model functionality. Therefore, companies constantly expand the number of modes and programs. Many functions are highly specialized. For example, a program for washing soft toys or children’s clothes is useful only for families with children, but not required for a bachelor.

Special mode provides an efficient washing the sports shoes that is very convenient for athletes. Manufacturers of sports shoes do not recommend washing it in the traditional mode, which can hopelessly spoil the sneakers.

Budgetary models have only the necessary minimum of programs that is suitable for almost every consumer. It includes:

– washing program of cotton;

– a program for wash of colored clothes with temperature control;

– a program for wash of delicate items from fine fabrics;

– express program for fast wash.

Models of premium segment are usually equipped with a large number of programs and modes. They easy wash the fluffy soft toys, delicate silk blouses, sportswear and shoes, blankets and plaids. Some models have the option of starching clothes.

Washer drum

Virtually all modern models have a drum of stainless steel. Some Asian brands are the exception. They sometimes use drums made of durable plastic.

Previously, almost all automatic washing machines had a steel tank with enamel coating. Today, these models no longer in production. Tank of modern models is made from stainless steel or durable plastic. Today, plastic is actively replaces steel. Asian manufacturers use only plastic tanks.

Plastic has many advantages. It retains heat better than metal that saves the electricity. Plastic better absorbs noise from the inside and outside. Low mechanical strength and fire resistance are the main cons of this material. But they are not critical for the majority of consumers.


Price range are conditionally divided into 4 segments.

A professional washing machine tops this list.

Its cost is about $ 3000. This equipment provides 10-15 wash cycles per day in normal mode.

German Aeg and Miele brands and laundry complexes of American brands belong to the highest category and cost from $ 800 to $ 3,000.

The Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Kaiser, Gorenje and Siemens brands are in third place. Their price is from $ 400 to $ 600.

Candy, Arbo, Indesit, Samsung, LG, Ariston, Siltal, Beko brands occupy the 4th position of this list. The cost of these models varies from $ 300 to $ 350.

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