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The Appliances Reviews is a specialized information and analytical website with detailed reviews of TVs, projectors, smartphones, tablets, home and kitchen appliances, etc. The website answers frequently asked questions about house equipment and provides information about related modern solutions. We have been working for our readers since 2017.

Information posted on The Appliances Reviews website is subject to change without prior notice. All company names, their logos and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies.
The Appliances Reviews website was created and is being developed with one goal – to provide our readers with the opportunity to obtain the fullest, unbiased useful information about TVs, projectors, smartphones, tablets, home and kitchen appliances, etc.
Covering the entire range of information on this topic is not our aim, it is simply impossible. In the selection of information, of course, our subjective opinion is present, but the main factor influencing our opinion, in the role of the editorial board of the website, is the interests of our readers.

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Related Rights

We believe that, when referring to the manufacturers of the products we mention, it is reasonable to place graphic images that are appropriate to the context next to the corresponding text. If the owners of these materials disagree and would like to remove graphic materials or links to their companies’ websites from our webpages, they can send a letter to the website editor: webmaster@theappliancesreviews.com and we will fulfill this wish within a reasonable time.

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The Appliances Reviews website prohibits full or partial mirroring of the website materials on the Internet.

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