The modern consumer market is characterized by abundance of offers and, as a result, fierce competition. The number of models often exceeds several dozen and more. The market for such popular equipment as vacuums is no exception. Therefore, the problem of choosing the optimal model is quite relevant.

Of course, the ratio of price and quality is one of the main criteria. But, obtaining reliable information about the quality of the proposed models is a quite difficult task. Therefore, in recent years, a large number of sites offer help in solving it. All sorts of reviews help consumers navigate in a large array of proposals and make an informed choice when buying. However, the brand still remains one of the main criteria for many consumers that is quite reasonable and justified.

Today, all consumer goods can be divided into two types.

The first type includes Generic products. These models usually do not have a logo, they are not advertised, they are often sold through supermarkets, and their cost is usually lower compared to models under the brand. The segment of such products is expanding quite rapidly in recent years. Of course, the purchase of such models is accompanied by a certain risk due to lack of warranty.

The traditional category includes models under a certain brand that is often a trademark of the company.

The brand significantly influences the sales volume, being a very convenient criterion of choice for many consumers. Therefore, it has a very high value for the company. The cost of the most popular brands often exceeds hundreds of millions. Savings due to reduced quality of assembly and components are unprofitable and very risky for brand owners because of the high risk of reducing its reputation and cost. Therefore, brand owners carefully monitor the strict observance of technological processes and the quality of the component parts. Thus, the quality of any product under this or that famous brand almost always corresponds to a sufficiently high level.

Identifying the brand owner is another aspect of this phenomenon. The high dynamics of modern stock and investment markets is accompanied by an intensive purchase / sale of the rights to use the brand. Accordingly, many popular brands repeatedly change their owners. However, this factor has a weak effect on the quality of goods. Moreover, the narrow specialization of many companies is accompanied by a certain unification of products. This is particularly pronounced in the segment of high-tech products. For example, various manufacturers of PCs or TVs use CPUs, chipsets, RAM or liquid crystal matrices from the same manufacturer. The assembly of products is often carried out on extraneous production facilities. The development of new models is also specialized. For example, some models of vacuums that are sold under different brands were developed by Electrolux engineers. Therefore, the products under different brands basically have the same high quality. Of course, the functionality differs significantly for the models of the budget, middle or upper segment and affects their cost. But this factor does not affect the quality of assembly and components.

Many consumers attach importance to the place of production. However, the high dynamics and globalization of the modern market significantly reduces the importance of this factor. Accurate identification of the place of production is quite a difficult aspect, as many companies produce their products simultaneously in different enterprises that are often located on different continents. Moreover, such information is constantly changing.

Today, about 20 most popular brands dominate in the US vacuums market. Information about them is presented in the table. More detailed information about each brand and its products is placed in the separate reviews on our website.

BrandLogo Owner Production facilities
KenmoreCleva North America, IncUSA, Europe, China
Dirt DevilTTI (Techtronic Industries) CompanyUSA, Europe, China
ElectroluxAB ElectroluxEurope, South America
iRobotiRobot CorporationUSA
RidgidEmerson ElectricUSA
CraftsmanStanley Black & Decker, IncUSA
HooverTTI (Techtronic Industries) CompanyUSA, Europe, China
BissellBissell, IncUSA
DysonDyson LtdSingapore, Malaysia
Black & DeckerStanley Black & Decker, IncUSA
ShopVacShop-Vac CorporationUSA
EurekaAB ElectroluxEurope, South America
MieleMiele Commercial CompanyEurope
SharkSharkNinja Operating LLCChina
EcovacsEcovacs RoboticsChina
Neato RoboticsVORWERKEurope, China
Hoover CommercialTTI (Techtronic Industries) CompanyUSA, Europe, China
VacmasterCleva North America, IncUSA, Europe, China
OreckTTI (Techtronic Industries) CompanyUSA, Europe, China