Basic and advanced features of modern toasters

High competition in segment of toasters is accompanied by the wide range of different models on the market. Of course, functionality is one of the main criteria for choosing any device. Toasters are no exception. The functionality of the model affects its consumer qualities and, accordingly, is an important criterion of choice. Functionality, in turn, essentially depends on technical characteristics of the model.

The cost of modern models varies from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars. For example, a toaster with a standard set of features costs about $ 30, and the price of model with a wide range of additional functions reaches $ 300 and more.

The list of basic and additional functions includes the following options.

Defrost function.

Many people store bread in the refrigerator. Function is intended for this case. Toaster sets the optimal temperature for the pre-defrost bread prior to its toasting.

This function also provides cooking toast from stale bread. In this case, it’s cooled in freezer, and then unfreezes in the toaster. Then device switches to standard toasting mode. The quality of such toast is similarly to a toast from fresh bread. The defrost mode is selected using the button on the control panel.

Keep warm mode.

This function provides heating without toasting. Grate is fixed above slots.

Buns, croissants, sandwiches, muffins and so on are placed on the grate. They are very rapidly heated by the hot air flow from heating element.


Controls provide an adjustment of toasting temperature. Control system automatically calculates the toasting time, forms a command for audio signal at the end of the cooking cycle and switches off the toaster.

Usually control system contains touch panel, buttons and circular dial with a hatching.

Unilateral toasting.

Some people prefer toasted bread on one side only. Some models provide this option.
Lifting function for small slices.

This function is very convenient for toasting very small toasts (e.g. croutons for soup or canapГ©s). It’s realized with a special lift-lever on the front panel.

Automatic centering the toasts.

Automatic centering ensures uniform toasting a bread slice on both sides, regardless of its thickness and initial placement in slot.

Special mechanism sets the uniform distance between the surfaces of bread and heating elements.

Some models use a movable panel with quartz heating element for this purpose that adjusts the gap between the bread surface and a heating element. This adjustment provides a choice of toasting degree.

Thermostat for adjusting the toasting degree.

Modern models often are equipped with a thermostat. It provides a choice of temperature mode that affects the cooking time and the toasting degree.

Toasters usually have 6 preset modes toasting. But some models have eleven modes. Models often use a dial on 6 or 11 positions for different temperatures.

Some models are equipped with smooth adjustment.

Button to stop the toaster.

The button is designed to interrupt the toasting. It’s convenient for experiments with different toasting degree. This function is also useful in case of incorrect value of installed power or cooking time.

Toast with a pattern.

Lines of pattern are formed by increasing the toasting degree in certain points. This process is similar to the burning-out with the help of a magnifying glass. The program provides a choice of desired image. This function can also be implemented using template of heat-resistant material.

These models are popular with families with young children.

The on/off timer.

This timer is intented for programming the cooking time and the toasting degree.
Tray for crumbs.

The tray is located at the bottom of the device and greatly simplifies collection and cleaning the toaster from crumbs.

Grill function.

The option is designed for baking the buns or cakes with fillings. Convection heating reduces the cooking time.

Additional grill surface.

This function is designed for cooking the eggs, cutlets, etc.

Video demonstrates the work of such a model.

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