Features of the wine cellars

Wine is a delicate drink. Preserving its taste and aroma during storage is quite a challenge. It requires maintaining a certain temperature and humidity, protection from ultraviolet rays and vibration, etc. Therefore, the popularity of wine cellars is consistently high among fans of this drink. Today, the market offers a wide range of different models. The choice of the optimal wine cellar depends on the requirements for storage conditions and model features.

Cooling and heating.

Wine cellar cools the wine up to optimum temperature for drinking that varies from 6 to 18Вє C (depending on the wine type) or keeps a constant temperature in mode of long-term storage from 10 to12Вє C. Most wine cellars have only a cooling mode . However, some models also have a heating mode. This feature provides quickly heat the wine before drinking.

Humidity adjustment.

Budget models usually do not have an adjustment of this parameter. Manufacturer presets the humidity level in the range of from 50 to 80%. More expensive models have this feature. The optimal humidity protects the cork from drying out, preventing the formation of microcracks. Such cork does not provide a seal, and air deteriorates the wine quality. Some models use the tray with water and lava stone in the working chamber that additionally stabilize the humidity. Wine cellar lava stones are available in the market in a wide range.


The ventilation system provides fresh air supply and a uniform distribution of temperature and humidity inside the chamber. Air enters into chamber through a filter based on activated carbon that periodically is replaced. The ventilation system prevents the formation of extraneous odors in the chamber. This is important, because the material of cork is able to absorb the outer sharp odors.


The display is usually placed on the front panel of the wine cellar. It displays the temperature and humidity in the chamber. Models with possibility of adjusting additionally are equipped with control buttons.

Many modern models have a remote control.

UV protection.

Ultraviolet accelerates and changes the chemical processes in the bottle with wine. Tinted glass of bottle is not fully protects the wine. Therefore, wine cellars often use tinted glass or mirrored glass door.


Capacity of wine cabinet is determined by the number of bottles and depends on the internal chamber volume and reliability of the shelves. This value ranges from 2-6 bottles for automotive models up to 350 in models for restaurants and supermarkets.

Automatic defrost.

Wine cellar refers to refrigerating equipment. Therefore, the care includes a periodic defrosting. Modern wine cellars have a special drainage gutter to drain of thawed water that evaporates naturally. Some models use this water to adjust a humidity level.


Some models are equipped with alarm that is activated with increasing temperature in the case of equipment failure.

Depreciation system.

Shaking wine negatively affects its taste. Therefore, expensive models are sometimes equipped with a damping system for eliminate of vibration. This system is particularly useful in models with compressor because the engine work is accompanied by vibration.

Storing cigars.

Expensive models are sometimes equipped with special compartment for storing cigars that is called the humidor.

The video demonstrates the model with this function. Such models are often additionally equipped with a decorative lighting, protection from UV rays, locks, elements of decorative finishes, etc.

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