Review of KitchenAid KSB5010SR blender

KitchenAid blenders are traditionally in the lead in this segment. These models belong to the upper price segment and are quite expensive. But stylish design, high quality of assembly and materials, wide functionality and high performance fully justify their high cost.

KSB5010SR is another novelty. This blender is made in a Slide-in style and is called Magnetic Drive Blender. The model is the owner of the prestigious award “Red Dot Best of the Best” 2016 for revolutionary design. KitchenAid KSB5010SR is available in three colors with different shades.

The use of an electromagnetic drive is the main technical innovation of the model. Its blades are rotated by means of magnets that are built into the body of the device. Magnets are also used for reliable fixation of jug in the blender casing.

This system is called MagnaLock.

The peak power of the motor reaches 1.8 HP that, of course, is very much for the blender. It’s controlled by the Intelli-Speed system that optimizes blade rotation speed depending on the mixture consistency.

This model is equipped with four pre-installed Adapti-Blend programs, pulse mode, manual speed control and a soft start function.

These programs are designed for the preparation of juices, soups and sauces, and milk cocktails and cocktails with ice. Each program uses the optimal speed that depends on the cooking recipe.

A hole on the top surface and a special funnel ensure the addition of ingredients during mixing.

High efficiency and uniformity of mixing is achieved through the use of a complex vortex trajectory of the mixture. The company calls this technology the Diamond Blending System.

The control is carried out by means of a round rotary regulator in the upper part of the front panel.

Preset modes have the following features.

1. Drinks with ice and fruit cocktails.

This mode is intended for grinding solid foods, including ice, frozen vegetables and fruits. The mixing time is about 1 minute.

2. Milkshakes.

This mode provides effective mixing of thick liquid foods at low speed to create mixtures with a uniform consistency. It’s designed for making drinks based on ice cream or yogurt, mashed potatoes, vegetable, fruit or meat baby food, liquid dough, etc. The mixing time is approximately one and a half minutes.

3. Soups and sauces.

This mode is designed to mix hot ingredients (soups or sauces) at a higher speed. The mixing time lasts about a minute and a half.

4. Juice.

The mode is intended for mixing fibrous foods with rind and seeds at high speed when cooking fruit and vegetable juices or sauces. The mixing time does not exceed one and a half minutes.

Cooking the pancakes with the help of KitchenAid KSB5010SR showed an excellent result. It was carried out in the milkshake mode in two stages. Mixing and frying lasted no more than 15 minutes. According to the tasters, the cooked banana pancakes corresponded to the highest level, including due to the uniformity of the prepared mixture.

Limited Warranty reaches 7 years that is the best evidence of the company’s confidence in the reliability of its equipment.


– stylish design and a wide color range;

– four automatic cooking programs;

– possibility of adding ingredients during the mixing process;

– powerful engine;

– high quality of mixing;

– simple and reliable fixation of the jug;

– optimum speed due to Intelli-Speed system;

– pulse mode and soft start;

– Limited Warranty reaches 7 years.


– high price.

You can see the blender’s features on the video.

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