Review of Tefal and SUPRA kitchen scales

Cooking requires precision of ingredients proportions. Therefore, kitchen scales are always an important element of cooking. Companies offer a wide range of such devices, including innovative models with additional functions. Calculating the number of kilocalories in the ingredients is one of the most popular. The timer function is very convenient in the cooking process and is often found in modern models.The video at the end of the article demonstrates the features of Digital kitchen food scales.

Today Tefal kitchen scales are one of the most popular on the market.

1. Tefal Optiss BC5000V0

The limit and accuracy of weighing this model is 11 lbs and 1 gram, respectively. The device weight is 1.27 lbs. This model is ultra-slim. Its dimensions are only 7 x 1.1 x 8.7 inches. The platform for weighing is made of impact-resistant glass that is very easy to clean. Model has manual and automatic on/off, integrated wall hook for easy storage and optional liquid-measuring function. Tefal Optiss BC5000V0 is available in white, orange or light green color. The power supply is provided by two LR03 batteries. Tefal Optiss is produced in France.

2. Tefal Easy Plastic BC5060

This model is equipped with a bowl. It also provides the weighing up to 11 lbs and an accuracy of up to one gram. Scales use the patented VISIO TOUCH technology.

The display shows information about the weighing modes. The illuminated indicators show the active weighing mode at the current time. The mode is selected by touching the corresponding button. Switching modes of measurement (for example, grams instead of liters) is done using the Solid button. Unfortunately, the weight is displayed only in grams.

The Tara function is designed to reset the bowl weight or to weigh the next ingredient. This function implements the sequential weighing option.

Liquid mode provides weighing in a centilitre or dГ©cilitre. One centilitre is equivalent to 10 milliliters, and one dГ©cilitre is equal to 100 milliliters.

The weighing bowl is made of transparent and safe food plastic. Its volume is two liters. Its spout is very convenient for liquid ingredients.

The removable platform for the bowl is made of impact-resistant glass and is very easy to clean.

The case of the model is completely made of plastic. Working information is displayed on the LCD-display. The model has the option of automatic shutdown that is activated after two minutes in the absence of weighing actions or after five minutes of standby.

This device is equipped with a hook for storage on the wall. The model uses two AAA batteries. BC5060 is produced in France.

3. SUPRA BSS-4090

SUPRA BSS-4090 is equipped with a bowl of stainless steel with a capacity of 1 liter. The body of the scales is made of red or green plastic. The limit and accuracy of weighing are traditional. They are 11 lbs and 1 gram, respectively.

Indication of weighing results is available in grams, pounds or ounces.

The volume of liquid is measured in milliliters or liquid ounces.

The model uses a tare weight compensation option and a sequential weighing mode. The device is powered by two AAA batteries. The screen displays the degree of battery charge and the surplus of weight. The model has the option of automatic shutdown.

4. SUPRA BSS-4099

The case of the model is made in the form of a jug. The bowl is made of plastic and is graded in milliliters. Its spout is very convenient for working with liquids.

The display is located on the handle of the device.

Two AAA batteries provide power.

The model provides the weighing up to 4.4 lbs and a measurement accuracy of up to 1 gram.
The measurement is available in grams or in milliliters. Unit of measure is selected using the UNIT button. Thus, the model measures the volume of a liquid in two ways.

SUPRA BSS-4099 also has options of tare compensation and automatic shutdown. Unfortunately, there is no successive weighing mode.

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