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Review of Jacob Jensen JBXTS05, Polaris PKS 0524DGN and REDMOND RS-712 kitchen scales

Review of Jacob Jensen JBXTS05, Polaris PKS 0524DGN and REDMOND RS-712 kitchen scales

Of course, many recipes of most dishes requires a fairly accurate observance of the proportions of the necessary ingredients. Therefore, kitchen scales are one of the required attributes in the each kitchen. But today, manufacturers offer a wide range of innovative models with a large number of additional functions. For example, they can calculate the amount of kilocalories in the ingredients. Additionally, many models supports option of a kitchen timer. Moreover, many companies offer smart kitchen scales.

Jacob Jensen JBXTS05

This model has a stylish design in the tradition of Scandinavian minimalism.

Jacob Jensen JBXTS05 TimerScale has the case of stainless steel and surface from the durable glass. Traditionally, the weighing limit and accuracy reaches 11 lbs and one gram, respectively. Unfortunately, the weight shows only in grams.

Additionally, a special wall fastener provides the placement of scales on the wall. Of course, this is very convenient for storage. In this case, JBXTS05 TimerScale additionally performs the function of a kitchen timer with maximum duration of 12 hours. It generates an audible signal after a predetermined time. This model work from three AAA batteries.

Polaris PKS 0524DGN

Polaris PKS 0524DGN is platform scales with the function of calculating the caloric content of foods. Activation of this function is accompanied by a display of the caloric content of the product, taking into account its weight. The screen also displays information about carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber, fats, proteins and salt content in the product. Of course, this function is very convenient for fans of healthy eating.

But the device requires the introduction of a three-digit code that corresponds to the product. These codes are listed in the operating instructions. The number of three-digit codes and the corresponding types of products is 999.

The remaining parameters have traditional values for this class of devices. The weighing limit is 11 lbs. Sensor technology provides weighing accuracy up to one gram.

The model uses the function of tare compensation and consecutive weighing. Electronics uses three AAA batteries.

PKS 0524DGN provides indication of overload and battery level. The body is equipped with rubberized inserts to prevent slipping. The working platform is made of glass and is non-removable. The body is made of orange or pale green plastic.


This model also provides information on the content of caloric, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber, fats, proteins and salt in foods. Additionally, the memory of the scales contains data on 999 different products.

The algorithm of this function is similar to the previous model. Products are placed on the sensor platform and is introduced the corresponding three-digit product code. The screen displays complete information about this product. The information about the obtained values of this product is summed up with data on other products. Thus, device provides detailed information about the dish that contains several ingredients. But the memory contains only the manufacturer’s data. Unfortunately, the addition of other products is impossible.

The remaining characteristics of the model correspond to the standard level. The platform is made of tempered glass. The weighing limit is 11 lbs, and their accuracy reaches 1 gram.

But this model also provides a measurement of the volume of liquids.

The scales display data in grams, pounds, ounces and milliliters. RS-712 uses the functions of tare compensation and automatic shutdown. The display provides indication of overload and battery level.

The electronics are powered by a CR2032 battery.

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