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Review of Krampouz Crepe Makers

Review of Krampouz Crepe Makers

As known, Krampouz Company is a manufacturing company in Brittany and France. It develops and manufactures a wide range of commercial and household cooking equipment, including crepe makers, waffle makers, panini grill and etc. Company has assembly factories mainly in France. High quality of products under this brand provides good reputation of this company. Unfortunately, these models usually have quite high price.

Krampouz CB104 Electric Crepe Maker CEBIV4JO

This model has power of 3 kW and provides an ideally even heat distribution throughout the work surface. The model weighs 35 lbs. Moreover, it has height and diameter of 5 and 13 inches, respectively.
Additionally, model has wooden spatula and spreader. Also, stainless steel band protects the gap between cast iron griddle and appliance from splashes. The working surface temperature varies in the range 50-300 degrees. CB104 provides 4 hour continuous operation time. Effective thermal insulation of elements reduces heat loss.

The video in the article`s end shows the cooking process with the help of this model.

Krampouz Diabolo series

These models provide preparation of pancakes with a diameter of 13 inches. Of course, the working surfaces of all models have high quality non-stick coating. Moreover, they use patented Batter Spreader.

It has a triangular shape and provides uniform distribution of the dough on the working surface. Rotation of Batter Spreader of this attachment distributes the dough evenly. Despite the simplicity, this technology is very effective.

The series includes CEBPB2VO, CEBPB2AO and CEBPB2SO models. Moreover, Krampouz Diabolo has a stylish design. Additionally, company offers these models in several colors.

For example, CEBPB2VO is made in black. CEBPB2AO has purple color, and CEBPB2SO has a light green color.

Of course, all models have sliding thermostats for temperature control.

Kit includes a Batter Spreader, a container for its cleaning, a dough ladle, a wooden spatula beech, an additional traditional spreader for the dough and a recipe book. The device has power of 1250 W.

Krampouz CEFIA2AO Passion

Company also produces models for the simultaneous preparation of four pancakes.

Krampouz CEFIA2AO Passion prepares pancakes, potato pancakes, rolls and much more with a diameter of 5.5 inches. The device has a stainless steel case and working surface with a non-stick coating. The control uses rotary thermostat and a light indication of the heating mode. Kit includes a book of recipes, two containers and six accessories for pancakes. The device has power of 1600 watts.

Krampouz CECIG3

Unlike previous, this model belongs to the electric professional Crepe Maker with two heating elements. Of course, they are much wider compared to similar models of this class. But this model bakes pancakes quickly and accurately even at low temperatures. This technology provides low energy consumption due to a lower cooking temperature.

Each heating element has a power of 3.6 kW and a diameter of 15.7 inches. The operating temperature varies from 50 to 300 ° C.

A special thermostat provides an accurate heating temperature. Indicator lights up when the pancake is ready. The case of this model is made of stainless steel AISI304 grade.

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