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Cooking programs of modern multi-cooker

Cooking programs of modern multi-cooker

Of course, a set of preset automatic cooking programs significantly affects the cost, functionality and choice of the optimal multi-cooker. Typically, all programs work based data from sensors in the bottom and on the lid. Modern models differs by the number of basic programs and availability of custom programs.

But, cooking time in these modes usually exceeds this value for conventional programs. As a rule, they are used to cooking the pilaf, porridges etc.

They have the following features:

– the possibility / impossibility of intervention in the work of automatic programs;

– presence / absence of a manual mode (multi chef mode);

– possibility / impossibility of changing the temperature and time during the cooking process;

– step variations of temperature and time in different modes;

– countdown time.

Countdown starts at the moment of switching-on or after reaching a predetermined temperature. Of course, this feature of the model should be considered.

Usually, modern models support a few dozens of popular cooking programs.

Groats (rice/buckwheat) and porridge (milk/crumbly/pilaf)

Groats mode provides cooking crumbly dishes from different cereals. Therefore, cooking in this mode continues until full evaporating the liquid. Typically, device uses the maximum power. Usually, cooking time for any groats does not exceed 35 minutes.

Porridge (milk/crumbly/pilaf) mode also continues until full evaporating the water.

Unfortunately, not all models support milk porridge program. It operates at a temperature of about 90 degrees. But cooking time lasts about 1 hour.

The flakes are divorced by milk and are heated in the appropriate mode.

Pilaf mode in the ending the cooking sharply increases temperature, drys and roasts the cooked rice.

Stewing, steam cooking, baking, cooking soup/broth/compote and frying

Usually, universal stewing mode provides cooking soups, meat, fish and vegetables. As a rule, it has long cooking time at a relatively low temperature.

As known, steam cooking provides the cooking without fat with maximum preservation of nutrients. Typically, models with this mode have the grilles and container for water.

Of course, baking provides cooking at high temperature with the lid closed.

Cooking soup/broth/compote uses predetermined temperature.

Frying mode uses the set temperature. This value is kept constant during cooking and reaches of 180 degrees.

Auto warming up, keeping temperature, Multi chef mode

Auto warming up program provides defrost and warming up food. Usually, device uses a temperature from 30 to 60 degrees. As a rule, power consumption does not exceed 20 W. But some models envisage switching off this mode that is convenient in case when recipe envisages a natural cooling.

Moreover, this mode can used for cooking yogurt. But this option is only available in models that provide the temperature of 40 degrees during at least 8 hours. Unfortunately, a higher temperature kills the strain of useful bacteria.

Typically, program of keeping temperature operates at a minimum temperature. In fact, device merely compensates the heat leakage.

Multi chef mode changes the values of time and temperature during cooking process. But some models support the formation of programs from the fragments with different values of temperature and duration. As a rule, this function provides programming the complex dishes.

Cooking yoghurt, pasteurisation and deep fryer

Cooking yoghurt keeps a constant temperature (not more than 40 ° C) for a long time (up to 8 hours or more).

Pasteurization increases the shelf life of perishable foods. Pasteurization use a temperature of 60-80 ° C. Duration of this program depends on the foods weight.

Deep fryer mode operates with the lid open and with the maximum temperature.

This program can also be used for cooking fondue.

This video demonstrates the wide possibilities of the cooking programs in modern multi-cookers.

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