Features of the deep fryers

The popularity of French fries provided the demand for fryers in the last century and keeps it at a high level to this day. Therefore, the competition level is very high in this segment. Companies actively use innovations, offering new and improving previous functions. The functionality of modern fryers of the upper price segment has already reached the level of multi cookers.

The popularity of healthy food stimulates the development of new cooking technologies. For example, today the market offers models with a reduced use of vegetable oil.

But the abundance of offers on the market sometimes makes it difficult to choose the optimal model. Of course, it basically depends on the price, functionality and technical characteristics of the model.

Features of modern fryers.
1.Cool zone.

This engineering solution provides the lowered temperature between the bottom and the heating element in the fryer bowl.

The relatively low temperature reduces the sticking food and longer retains the taste quality of vegetable oil.

2. Safe.

Almost all modern models necessarily have a lock of switching on and operate with an open lid. Boiling hot oil is potentially dangerous because of its very high temperature and spraying. This option eliminates the risk of burning with hot oil due to the open lid. Of course, this function is especially necessary for a family with young children.

Fryers have a reliable thermal insulation that provides a safe housing temperature even at the maximum oil temperature of 190 degrees. Some manufacturers call this function by cold walls. Many companies additionally equip their models by convenient handles for safe.

3. Temperature adjustment.

Most models have a stepped adjustment of temperature with pre-settings. But it does not always provide the optimum temperature mode.

The fryers with a smooth adjustment are more convenient, providing accurate adjustment of temperature and cooking time.

4. Adjustable thermostat.

Thermostat is intended for heating oil accurately to the set temperature and maintenance of its meaning during cooking. This function provides control of frying degree.

Thermostat is especially convenient for cooking the mushroom, fish, meat, etc. It provides optimum cooking temperature for each food.

5. The viewing window.

The window of tempered glass is usually located on the fryer lid and is designed for visual control of the cooking process.

6. Oil drain.

Models have a drain hole in the lower part of bowl with a filter for cleaning the oil from crumbs. The filter is a grating with a fine mesh that requires periodic washing. Sometimes manufacturers equip such models by container for storing the vegetable oil in the refrigerator.

Modern models of the upper price segment provide an effective oil filtration and convenient drain.

The video at the end demonstrates this process.

7. Removable bowl.

Cooking in a deep fryer is accompanied by a regular change of vegetable oil. Washing process of a complex electronic device weighing 7 lb and more in the sink is very inconvenient. Removable bowl is easily detached from the fryer and is washed out in a dishwasher or manually in the sink.

The cost of models with removable bowls is higher approximately on $ 30.

8. Oil change indicator.

Some models with an electronically controlled provide automatic control of the need to change vegetable oil with the help of light indicator. It’s illuminated after a predetermined number of cycles.

The properties of vegetable oil are changed at high temperatures. It becomes darker and begins to foam. The indicator is activated after predetermined amount of cooking cycles. Oil filtration system of modern models provides 10-15 cycles of use vegetable oil.

9. Operation / heating indicator.

This indicator uses the thermostat data. The lamp lights up during oil heating and goes out after reaching the set value.

10. Non-stick coating of the bowl.

Non-stick coating prevents sticking of food to the walls of bowl.

11. Automatic shutdown.

Some models have automatic shut-off after end of the cooking cycle. But most models generate only a beep. Manufacturers justify such a solution by a large thermal inertia of vegetable oil. The foods continue be fried after switching off due to high oil temperature that is cooled very slowly.

In addition, the pieces in the cooled oil become soft and lose their crispy crust.

12. Rotation of the inclined bowl.

Some models provide continuous intensive mixing the foods and oil due to rotation of bowl. Bowls of such models are inclined at an angle for increase the mixing efficiency.

Intensive mixing reduces the required amount of vegetable oil.

13. The housing, rubberized feet and storage compartment for the power cord.

The housing of the fryer requires regular cleaning from oil. Of course, the smooth surface is much easier to clean. Rubberized feet prevent slipping the fryer by table surface during cooking. Compartment is convenient for storage.

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