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Review of LEQUIP IR D5 Food Dehydrator

As known, this device belongs to the molecular gastronomy that is a subdiscipline of food science or trophology. This direction studies the physicochemical processes during cooking. Physicist Nicolas Kurti from Oxford and the French chemist Herve from INRA were first formulated the basic principles of this science in 1988. But today, many people support molecular cuisine. Of course, the market actively offers new technological solutions in this segment. For example, the infrared dehydrator L’equip IR-D5 is one such device.

This model has two innovative features.

First of all, the automatic dehydration function uses humidity sensors to calculate the end time for the heat treatment process. Of course, this algorithm also takes into account the drying temperature. The dehydration process ends when the humidity decreases to the set value.

Secondly, model uses IR-heating mode. The red spectrum lamp serves as a heating element for creating low-temperature longwave infrared radiation. This radiation is considered absolutely safe for food and human.


The nontransparent plastic door of the dehydrator provides effective heat insulation of the working chamber.

Unfortunately, it eliminates the possibility of visual control. Therefore, it uses only the readings of the sensors. The inner surface of the door of stainless steel increases thermal efficiency. Of course, reflected heat additionally heats the food in the chamber.

The fan and infrared lamp on the back of the inner chamber provide hot airflow to trays with foods.

Of course, five trays of stainless steel easily withstand the weight of the products and provide very uniform heating due to increased thermal conductivity.

The device works in manual or automatic modes. But the first mode requires setting the duration and drying temperature. Automatic mode determines these values based on dehydration values. Auto / Manual button provides switching between modes.

The preset values are 35 degrees and 1 hour. But the regulator provides the choice of temperature in manual mode in steps of 1 degree and a time from 1 to 99 hours in steps of 1 hour.

Silicone potholders are designed to safely remove trays from the working chamber.

Main technical values

Energy efficiency is one of the main characteristics of these devices. Testing showed the following values (1 kg of apples for 1 hour of operation):

– 0.08 kWh for 35 degrees (convection);

– 0.05 kWh for 35 degrees with IR heating;

– 0.3 kWh for degrees (convection);

– 0.29 kWh for 70 degrees with IR heating.

The automatic mode showed the following values:

– 3.9 kWh for 3.3 kg of apples with IR heating for 12 hours of operation;

– 1.42 kWh for 1 kg fillets (convection) for 4 hours 50 minutes.

These indicators demonstrate the high energy efficiency of the model.


– stylish design;

– high energy efficiency;

– two dehydration modes using an infrared lamp or traditional convection;

– automatic dehydration mode;

– low noise level;

– high uniformity in automatic mode.


– high price;

– fogging during dehydrating very moist products;

– lack of visual control due to the opaque door.

The wide possibilities of this model are perfectly demonstrated on the video.

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  1. very good description. The AUTO Mode seems to go on forever even with very dry items in oven. I am told the nonadjustable pre-sets for the AUTO Mode are 70 C. + time variable until sensors determine 3% Humidity. That sounds re-assuring. Yet, I can operate this with nothing inside and it will keep heating for a day without shutting off. Anyone able to figure this out.

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