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Review of LEQUIP 528 Food Dehydrator

L’EQUIP 528 Food Dehydrator refers to devices for molecular gastronomy. As known, this term first appeared in 1988 for trophology (food science) that studies the physicochemical processes during the heat treatment of foods. Physicist Nicolas Kurti from Oxford and the French chemist Herve This from INRA are the founders of this direction.

In fact, molecular gastronomy uses science to create dishes with a new unusual combination of tastes. But some experts sometimes use titles like science gastronomy, experimental culinary or culinary physics. As a rule, these technologies use very high or low temperatures and pressure that ensure the cooking dishes of amazing shape, color, texture and taste.

Of course, it requires special equipment. But in recent years, many companies are developing and producing such devices. For example, today the market offers Stefan-grill, Cookvac for vacuum marinating, freeze drying, sous-vide technologies, pakodzheting-ldomiksing, thermomix, aroma distillery, deep freezing, etc.

All of them use innovative cooking. For example, pakodzheting-ldomiksing provides storage of products at a temperature of up to -22 degrees. This technology received its name from PacoJet Company that developed it. COOK-IN method (Stefan-grill) uses heat treatment from inside the product at temperatures up to 650 degrees without external heating. Sous-vide uses long-term cooking (72 hours or more) in a vacuum bag in water at a temperature of about 60 degrees or lower. Cookvac is a unique invention of Spanish chefs for cooking and marinating in a vacuum.

L’Equip 528

L’Equip 528 dehydrator has rectangular form and 6 trays for foods.

Each tray provides 1.2 square feet of useful space for drying foods. Accordingly, the total volume reaches 7.2 square feet for 6 trays. But in total, the device holds 12 trays. Thus, the maximum drying area reaches 14.4 square feet.

Moreover, L’Equip 528 uses BPA-free plastic and weighs only 11 pounds. The fan and a heating element in the base send hot air from the bottom up through the trays with foods.

This model has special air channels along the outer edge of the trays. Centra Flow air design provides uniform heat distribution during operation.

Moreover, the device has power of 500 W and provides constant temperature control with a frequency of 60 times per second. Of course, such high accuracy ensures optimal temperature conditions.

The control system contains an on / off button and a temperature regulator in the range from 33 to 67 degrees .

Each tray is equipped with a mesh filter for easy cleaning.

Two additional trays are designed for fruit rolls.


– digital automatic temperature control;

– dedicated on and off switch;

– long-term warranty;

– good value for money;

– easy cleaning;

– increasing the number of trays to 12 pieces;

– low fan noise level;

– BPA-free plastic;

– trays for fruit rolls


– device is made entirely of plastic;

– kit includes only 6 trays;

– additional trays are expensive.

The design and features of this model are shown in the video.

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