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Air humidification

Air humidification

A healthy lifestyle is a popular trend for several decades. Of course, the micro climate of premises is one of the main factors for achieving this goal. It, in turn, mainly depends on the purity, humidity and air temperature. Therefore, the popularity of household appliances to solve this problem is rapidly increasing. First of all, this list includes such devices as vacuums, air conditioners, fans, heaters and humidifiers. Of course, today the market offers a wide range of multi functional devices that comprehensively solve this problem. For example, air humidification is often accompanied by its cleaning or heating in various fans, etc.

However, the effectiveness of any specialized model is usually higher.

Today, doctors say that the lungs lose the ability to purify at a relative humidity below 35%. A person feels constant fatigue. The mucous membrane also suffers when the humidity is less than 30%. Dry air contributes to the accumulation of static electricity and prevents the dust deposition in the room. Therefore, air is constantly full of dust that enters the lungs during breathing.

Indoor plants and pets also suffer from a lack of moisture in the air. The optimal humidity for a person is 40-60%, in accordance with medical standards. Pediatricians recommend that the humidity in the children’s room is not less than 50%.


The moisture content is a dimensionless ratio of the water mass to the mass of dry air.

The absolute humidity or the mass concentration of water vapor in the air is a ratio of the water vapor mass to the volume of moist air.

Relative humidity characterizes the relative concentration of water vapor in the air and is the ratio of the mass concentration of water vapor to the maximum possible at a constant pressure and temperature.

It`s denoted as RH, and is measured in %. For example, air containing 50 ml of water vapor has a relative humidity of 50% if one cubic meter is capable of absorbing 100 milliliters of water at a given temperature.

The air has a limited ability to absorb moisture. The moisture amount in the air depends on its density, which, in turn, depends on the temperature. Accordingly, the cold air is drier compared to warm air.

Therefore, the air humidity is significantly reduced in winter.

The air conditioner operation is a good illustration of the dependence of air humidity on temperature. Air is cooled in the air conditioner, its humidity decreases, and the condensate is directed to the outside through a special tube.

However, excessively humid air also causes problems. Excessive humidity provokes the appearance of fungus and mold. Humid air also increases the body’s sensitivity to temperature changes. Therefore, it is desirable to measure the moisture level in the apartment before using the humidifier.

Humidity is measured with a hygrometer. This device is often built into the case of small home devices, for example, watch case.


Multi functional humidifiers provide the air humidification, the disinfection of premises, the ionization and aromatization of the air. Some models cool the air, but their performance is significantly lower compared to traditional air conditioners. These devices operate in automatic or manual mode. Some models of the upper price segment support WiFi control and work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The video at the end shows the WiFi connection of Crane humidifier and control via the Crane app.

These devices contain a multilevel system of different filters. Biofilters with silver are designed for air disinfection from viruses and bacteria. A water filter captures dust. Carbon filter protects the air from smog on the street and from odors of tobacco and pets.

Such model combines in a single housing the humidifier and air purifier. The device can operate as one of these appliances or simultaneously to perform both functions.

The humidifiers are constantly improved. A list of major innovations includes WiFi control, the use of UV, two level steam, filtering with universal nano-technologies, etc.


A humidifier is not needed if the humidity is 40-45%. Air should be moistened at lower values.
Humidifiers are designed to normalize humidity only in too dry rooms. This aspect should be taken into account when buying a humidifier. But, of course, brand reputation is also important when choosing a model.

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