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How to choose a humidifier

How to choose a humidifier

As known, humidifiers provide optimum humidity in the rooms with too dry air. Of course, the regulation of air humidity corresponds to the popular trend of a healthy lifestyle, which largely depends on the micro climate in the room. In turn, the high popularity of humidifiers stimulates a wide range of offers on the market. Today, companies often offer this option in multi functional home appliances, including fans, air conditioners, etc. In turn, most modern humidifiers support air purification mode.

But specialized devices are traditionally more efficient.

Modern models often have an exquisite design. But, of course, the brand, price and innovative technologies that affect the model functionality are the main criteria for choosing the optimum humidifier.

Modern humidifiers use steam, adiabatic or ultrasonic operation principle.

Isothermal or steam humidifiers

Of course, these devices use steam to humidify the air.

In fact, they work as traditional electric kettle. Usually, the steam humidifier uses a spiral or flat electrode in the water under high voltage. It heats the water to a boil. Water slowly boils, saturating the air in the room with hot steam.

More expensive and modern models have a humidistat. It’s automatically activated when the air humidity level drops below the set. Built-in sensor turns off device at a given humidity level. These models are equipped with LED display, which provides the control and programming of the humidifier.

The absence of this function significantly reduces the model usability due to the need to control the air humidity with a separate humidistat.

Adiabatic humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers with cold evaporation are the most inexpensive and simple.

The adiabatic evaporators work as follows. Water from the reservoir impregnates the porous filter that is placed in front of a small, but powerful enough fan. Fan is designed for sucking air into the device. Air passes through the filter, is moistened, purified, and is directed into the room. The scheme illustrates this process.

This cartridge of special capillary tissue and paper acts as a filter. The cassette is a cartridge-grid with cells and is usually designed for three months of operation. They are often have the antimicrobial impregnation. Some models are additionally equipped with a silver rod for water disinfection.

Air humidity is regulated by the natural way. The rate of evaporation is inversely proportional to humidity. These humidifiers provide an air humidity up to 60% after which the evaporation process is stopped. In winter, these humidifiers are more effective near heating appliances.

They are ideal for a bedroom, a children’s room or a library.


– minimum energy consumption;

– compactness;

– self-regulation;

– effectively cleans the air of dust and bacteria;

– washable filter.


– built-in filter is sensitive to water hardness;

Manufacturers recommend use only purified or filtered water. Otherwise, the cartridge life is significantly reduced.

– increased noise level due to the fan.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Today it’s the most popular type of humidifiers. Their popularity is due to quiet operation, the presence of adjusting the humidity level and the possibility of water heating. Adjustment is provided with the help of the built-in hygrostat. The steam temperature of the ultrasonic humidifier is relatively low. Therefore, the device is absolutely safe during operation.

The operating principle of these devices is based on the reducing the boiling water temperature under the influence of ultrasound. Container for water is equipped with a special plate that vibrates with a high frequency, generating steam. Built-in fan blows a dry air through steam and the air is moistened. Strictly speaking, the ultrasonic model is an improved steam humidifier. Unfortunately, this steam not disinfects the air due to low temperature. Therefore, the user must to purchase the special filters for disinfection. However, some more expensive models provide steam heating.

Manufacturers recommend use the distilled or purified water. Unrefined water can provoke the formation of lime scale on furniture.

The sensor automatically turns off the device when the water level drops to a critical level.

Usually, cartridge operation reaches 2-3 months, but distilled water prolongs its service life. Typically, ultrasonic humidifiers are purchased together with replaceable filters with ion exchange resin.

Many models have a backlight, timer and very popular Aroma Diffuser. These models are well suited for the offices, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or winter garden.


– low power consumption;

– built-in humidistat;

– possibility of programming.


– the presence of a cartridge;

– sensitive to water hardness;

– performance lower compared to steam humidifiers;

– gurgling water irritates some users.

This video shows an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier.

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