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Overview of the modern humidifiers

Overview of the modern humidifiers

The leaders of this segment constantly improve their models due to innovative solutions, expanding the functionality of their humidifiers. Therefore, the brand is an important aspect when buying a humidifier.

According to consumer feedback, the Swiss PLASTON Company is a leader in this segment of the market. This company owns popular BONECO and Air-O-Swiss (AOS) brands. Humidifiers successfully combine Swiss quality, affordability and practicality. The company specializes in the production of this particular equipment. Therefore, the range of models is very wide. All devices have many certificates of quality and reliability. Company actively uses the innovations in their devices.

Ballu, Vitek and Polaris humidifiers also are successfully presented in this segment of the market. The Ballu Company produces heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers. Vitec and Polaris brands are well-known to many consumers as manufacturers of various household appliances.


Boneco 2031 humidifies the air with hot steam.

Mono heating element with non-stick coating heats the water to 100 degrees, providing the intensive evaporation. The model also provides an air aromatization and can be used for hot inhalation.

Traditional Air-O-Swiss E2241 humidifier uses a cold steam and is designed for small residential premises.

Model is very simple in operation and maintenance and requires only control the water level. Filter is replaced once in 2-3 months. But its price is slightly higher compared to Boneco 2031.

Ultrasonic humidifier Boneco 7131 uses water spray with the help of vibration.

Water gets on a vibrating plate and splits into tiny splashes. Fog of the water suspension moistens the air. Special filter protects the furniture from a white plaque and is designed for three months of operation.

Boneco 1355N humidifier moistens the air with the help of modern technologies.

Device clears air from dust. Ionizing silver rod cleans the air of bacteria and germs. Silver ions kill about 650 known species of bacteria. Its price is significantly higher compared to previous models, but device does not require of the additional filters.

The video at the end demonstrates the best modern ultrasonic humidifiers, including BONECO 7135.


Venta-Luftwaescher GmbH Company develops the air purifiers and humidifiers for 20 years. Venta humidifiers are produced only in Germany. Today the Venta models are more than 70% of sales in the German market.

Ultrasonic VENTA VS370 model is characterized by simplicity due to removable filter block that filters the calcareous impurities and effectively kills the microorganisms.

VENTA LW14 model is also popular among users. Purification and humidification is performed inside the drum. The model is designed for the rooms with area up to 730 sq.ft. and the warranty period reaches 10 years.

The company also produces a large number of related products. Flavours, hygienic, cleaning and disinfecting additives are specifically designed for Venta humidifiers.


Humidifiers of German Company are submitted to the market by several ultrasonic models. Stylish design, the function of warm steam and usability provide the deserved respect of consumers. Sensitivity to the water hardness is the only significant drawback. Built-in filter do not always cope with the protection of furniture from a white plaque when using hard water. Therefore, the user is forced to use the distilled or boiled water.

The functionality of the models fully corresponds to modern requirements. For example, HF MUN 2140 BK model has a low water level indicator, ion filter for water and low power consumption. It also changes direction of humidified air. But the warranty is only one year that is a disadvantage of this model.


British Polaris offers the ultrasonic and steam humidifiers. For example, POLARIS PUH 0407 is an ultrasonic humidifier with ozonation function.

This device has a timer, remote control and function of auto-off. Model disinfects and cleans the air of odors. This feature is especially useful if you smoke in the room. POLARIS PUH 0407 is a relatively inexpensive model.

Steam humidifier Polaris PUH 0607 has a remote control, controller of steam intensity on 9 positions, built-in ionizer and at a relatively low price.

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