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Front vs top load washers

Front vs top load washers

Location of the door is one of the main differences between modern fully automatic washing machines. According to this criterion, all models are divided into front or top load washing machines. Each of these options has its own the pros and cons, which are due to the peculiarities of their design.

Front washer

These models are quite comfortable and not very demanding. They have a more simple design compared with the vertical models. Therefore, maintenance and repairs is easier and cheaper.

Door with a transparent window provides an excellent visualization of the washing process that can be useful in some situations. For example, sometimes people forget the documents in clothes. In this case, a person can turn off the washing machine and pull out document. Some models have door with little hatch for access to the drum.

Advantages of AddWash Door in Samsung washers are perfectly demonstrated on the video at the end. Today, this technology is available in the Samsung WF45K6200, WF45K6500 and WF50K7500 washers.

Door is surrounded on the perimeter by a special sealing ring or cuff that provides tightness.

Sometimes critics of front models use the argument about unreliability and fragility of this cuff. However, experience shows that damage of sealant most often occurs due to negligence of users.

The drum is mounted on the one axis unlike from the top load models. This design provides sufficient strength and reliability. Additionally, uniaxial mounting simplifies maintenance and repair.

The upper surface is often used as an additional shelf in the bathroom and the hallway or as a work surface in the kitchen. This capability is a significant advantage for small spaces. Unfortunately, the top load washer is not suited for this function. In these models, according to the instruction, the top cover should be slightly open for providing regular airing to prevent the formation of mold inside the drum due to high humidity.

Top load washer

Unfortunately, the design of these models is less diverse compared to front washing machines.

These models are constructively more complex and more expensive. The drum is mounted on two axles. Accordingly, the number of bearings is also twice as large.

Mounting with two axles creates additional complexity and requires careful drum balancing for achieving ideal coaxiality of the axes. Unfortunately, not all companies provide an ideal balance. As a result, this washing machine vibrates strongly during operation.

The experts also celebrate the risk of inadvertent opening the drum flaps during the wash cycle. In some cases, this leads to very serious breakage that requires costly repairs.

This model provides possibility of additional loading of laundry without changing the cycle program, which, of course, is its significant plus.

However, the compact size is certainly the main advantage of these models compared with a front washing machine.

There is a perception that mechanism with a drums in these models is better and more reliable because of two fastenings. But such statements are more similar to marketing trick, because the failure statistics does not support this opinion.

The large models with a capacity on 17,5-22 lb of dry laundry often have a special agitator.

The drums in such models are usually mounted vertically.

Of course, all these features affect the functionality and, respectively, the choice of the optimal model when buying a washer.

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