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Locked washing machine door

Locked washing machine door

As a rule, a modern apartment is filled with various appliances, including TVs, PCs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dozens of kitchen appliances, etc. Of course, washing machines occupy a decent place in this list. Unfortunately, any complex devices periodically break down, requiring repairs and costs. And even warranty does not relieve from additional hassle.

But many failures are caused by improper use, insufficient care or relatively simple reasons. Most people can easily eliminate them by youself, without the help of specialists. Of course, such a repair requires a basic understanding of the causes of faults for proper diagnosis. Therefore, even simplified classification of washer failures can be useful for making an optimal decision.

Of course, the sudden lock of the washing machine door is one of the most unpleasant failures. This situation blocks the possibility of washing with an empty tank, and doubly unpleasant with a full tank. However, simple steps can solve this problem. The article contains recommendations for Samsung models, but they are partially valid for many other washing machines.

Of course, the owner must remember that excessive efforts when opening a locked door can damage the lock or the door. But the correct determination of the blocking cause will prevent these unpleasant consequences.

The reasons

1. Standard auto-lock during operation of the washing machine.

It automatically turns off in Samsung models in 1-2 minutes after the cycle end.

2. Failure of the program.

Voltage drops in the network, sudden power outages and water disruption can cause program crashes.

3. Failure of the locking mechanism.

This rather complex mechanism requires careful handling.

Natural wear, mechanical effects during loading / unloading, or too sharp opening / closing of the door can damage the locking mechanism and cause its stuck.

4. Clogged pump filter or drain hose.

In such a case, the safety algorithm blocks the opening the door due to the water in the washer even after the cycle end.

5. Child lock.

Accidental activation of this protection mode can also block the door opening.

Of course, the washing machine instruction provides the most complete and correct set of step-by-step actions in these situations.


Unfortunately, instruction may not be available. In this case, even simplified diagnosis can help solve the problem.

1. Delayed opening

Of course, this is the simplest reason that only requires waiting. Virtually all modern front washers use automatic door locking for safety and to prevent opening the washer door with a full drum. The control system locks the door for a few minutes after the cycle end, until the complete drum stopping and full discharge of water.

2. Software failure

Disconnection from the mains for 25-30 minutes can solve this problem. The control system will reset the settings and automatically unlock the door.

3. Child lock

Almost all modern models support the child lock option, the activation of which requires the simultaneous pressing of two buttons. Each model can have its own combination, but most often washing machines use the Rinse and Temperature keys. Of course, the instruction contains the exact set of keys. However, manufacturers often portray it on the control panel between the required buttons as a lock symbol.

In this case, simultaneously pressing two keys for a few seconds unlocks the door.

But all of these tips relate of an empty washing machine. Water and laundry in the drum require other actions. Locking the door at the cycle end most often indicates a lack of water drainage. In this case, the following actions can solve the problem:

– activation of the standard “Spin” or “Rinse” mode;

– in case of a negative result, you can check and, if necessary, clean the pump filter or drain hose.

– restart the spin cycle.


In addition, some Samsung models provide emergency door opening with a special cable. Most often, it is located near the pump filter, behind a rectangular panel in the lower right corner of the front panel.

Slow pulling the cable removes the lock. But, of course, you should take into account that the door opening will be accompanied by the water flow from the washer.

However, experienced professionals can unlock the door in other ways. For example, manually unlocking includes the following actions:

– disconnecting the device from power supply;

– if necessary, its offset to ensure free space;

– a slight slope of the body until a gap appears between the tank and the door;

– manual release of the locking tongue.

Specialists also offer another way with the help of a cord. A thin but strong enough cord is neatly placed between the door and the case and stretches from both ends, pressing the lock tongue.

If all of these methods do not help unlock the washing machine, then the problem requires the involvement of a qualified specialist.

This video demonstrates some ways to open the locked door of a washing machine.

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