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No rotation of the washer drum

No rotation of the washer drum

Today difficult to imagine life without the usual household appliances. TVs, PCs, air conditioners, a huge number of different kitchen appliances, etc fill almost any apartment. Of course, washing machines occupy a decent place in this list.

Unfortunately, all these technically complex devices periodically break. Warranty partially solves this problem. However, even it does not relieve from the hassle, and often from the costs. Of course, most breakdowns require the intervention of specialists. But often, failure is caused by improper use, insufficient care, or some simple reason that many people can easily eliminate by yourself. Unfortunately, the error code on the display does not always provide an unambiguous identification of failures. Classification of failures and their simplified diagnostics can help the user to make the best decision.

Of course, the drum is one of the main elements in the washing machine, the failure of which completely blocks the washing possibility. Simplified diagnostics will help determine the cause and decide the best way to eliminate it.

The reasons

1. Each model has a value of maximum allowable weight of dry laundry, which depends on the drum capacity and the type of fabric.

The Internet offers tables for selecting a model with an optimal drum capacity.

Most modern washing machines use a special sensor to control the laundry weight in the drum. In the case of loading too much, it forms the corresponding signal to the electronic control unit, which blocks the wash program.

Modern models display this problem on the display. For example, LG washers form the CE error code. Accordingly, a simple reduction of the laundry in the drum solves the problem. But the owner must take into account that this code for LG also applies to electric motor overload.

2. Poor tension, rupture or fall from a pulley of the drive belt does not prevent the free drum rotation. Therefore, its simple turning by hands will help the owner to check this version. Many people can easily replace a torn belt or put it on a pulley.

But this work requires the removal of the panel. Of course, this failure is absent in modern LG models with direct drive due to the absence of a driving belt.

3. Worn washer motor brushes most often provokes a failure of collector electric motors. This repair requires their replacement, which many can perform on their own. The video at the end demonstrates this simple process.

4. Failure of the control module or motor requires the intervention of a qualified specialist.

Simplified diagnosis

As a rule, fairly simple checks often solve this problem. Initially, you can verify that the weight of the laundry meets the maximum allowable value. Then, you can make sure that the door is tightly latched. Otherwise, the sensor generates the appropriate signal and the control unit blocks the activation of the wash program.

Of course, the foreign objects between the drum and the tank also can block the rotation. The user can easily check this version by manually swinging the drum. Extraneous friction or noise will confirm this assumption. Unfortunately, their removal from the drum requires the removal of the panel and the heating element.

In addition, the control unit can block the drum rotation due to breakage of the heating element. Unfortunately, this checking also requires removing the panels. But before that, the user can tactilely check the temperature of the door glass. Normally, it heats up in 15-20 minutes after the washing start. After removing the heating element, the owner can check its resistance with a multimeter. The value should vary from 10 to 30 ohms.

Otherwise, the heating element requires replacement.

Checking the condition of the motor brushes requires removing the panel. The probability of this version is directly dependent on the duration and intensity of the washer operation. Usually, such a problem occurs after several years of fairly intensive use. Probably many people will be able to replace the motor brushes by youself.


Sometimes, the locking device of the drum flaps opens due to wear. Of course, this situation completely blocks the drum rotation. But some experienced craftsmen solve this problem with a hard wire hook without disassembling the device.

The free drum rotation by hand and blocking it during washing may indicate a drive belt problem, a breakdown of the electric motor or the control unit.

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