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Range hood - faults and fixes

Range hood – faults and fixes

Apartments of modern people are filled with various appliances, including TVs, PCs, electronic gadgets, vacuums, washers, air conditioners, several dozen different kitchen appliances, etc. Of course, it radically simplifies everyday chores and expands our possibilities. But everything has its price. Unfortunately, devices even from well-known brands periodically break. Of course, buying a new device quickly solves a problem, but costly. Manufacturer’s warranty simplifies the repair task, but does not relieve from the hassle and, sometimes, from costs.

Therefore, each user is periodically faced with the dilemma of optimal actions in case of device breakdown. Usually, most failures occur due to improper use or inadequate care. Of course, an appeal to specialists is unlikely to be the best solution because of a clogged filter or a burnt out LED. Therefore, many users are trying to fix on their own at least the simple faults.

Range hoods are among the most common kitchen appliances in most modern kitchens. Unfortunately, they also periodically break. But, probably, many users will be able to fix most of the failures without expert intervention due to the relative simplicity of the device design. But, as known, the success of any repair depends on the correct identification of the failure cause. Therefore, even their simplified classification will help solve this problem.

Causes of breakdowns

1. A clogged grease filter reduces the efficiency, limiting air circulation. A reusable filter requires cleaning at least once a month, depending on the cooking intensity.

The video at the end shows the excellent results of its cleaning with salt, baking soda, vinegar and boiling even without special cleaners.

But some models use a disposable grease filter.

In this case, the instruction contains information about its service life.

2. A clogged carbon filter reduces the efficiency of air purification from odors. It’s used in models with support of the recirculation mode on the air outlet from the device. Modern models often use LED to indicate the need to replace it. The service life of modern carbon filters reaches 6 months and above.

3. High temperatures can also damage the device. For example, a rather powerful flame of gas burners, especially without dishes, creates a long-lasting thermal effect. Therefore, the installation height must exceed 25 inches above the gas hob surface and 21 inches above the electric hob surface.

4. A clogged ventilation system increases the load on the electric motor, reducing its service life. The ventilation duct must provide at least a small amount of natural draft.

5. Rare use also adversely affects the device. Fat particles from the air stream are constantly deposited on the electric motor and the contacts of the electronics. As a result, the fat on the motor shaft dramatically increases its load when turned on, and the fat on the contacts reduces their reliability. But regular or periodic use of the device reduces these risks.


Low air thrust

Of course, filters most often affect this value. But turning on the device without filters provides verification of their pollution degree. Restoration of normal air circulation in this mode indicates the need to clean the filter from fats or replace the carbon filter. Today the market offers various cleaning products to dissolve fats.

A clogged ventilation duct also reduces air draft. But its testing requires only matches or lighter. The clean ventilation duct pulls the flame inwards.

Otherwise, ventilation duct requires cleaning.

The lack of air circulation inside the kitchen, for example, due to closed doors and windows, also reduces the air draft.


The hood’s lighting uses a button, a cartridge and a light bulb. This check requires a visual inspection, an indicator screwdriver or a micrometer to check the contact pads.

High noise level

The noise level depends on the bearings condition on the motor shaft and the device build quality. Usually, the wear of the bearings requires their replacement with the intervention of a specialist.

Even a small gap between the device elements due to poor build quality creates a vibration that provokes a noice and hum during operation of the electric motor. In addition, backlash is formed with time even in expensive models due to wear. But simple enough methods can reduce it. For example, additional small twisting the connecting bolts in the device and sealing the gaps with pieces of polyplate or polyurethane effectively reduces vibration and, accordingly, noise level.


Failure to switch speeds usually occurs due to a failure in the electronic module and includes the absence of contact, wire breakage or fault of the starting capacitor.

But the elimination of these faults requires appropriate qualifications.

Thus, regular cleaning of the grease filter, periodic replacement of the carbon filter, protection from an open flame, control of the ventilation system and periodic device switching on will prolong its service life.

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