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Range Hood types

Range Hood types

High demand for range hoods is accompanied by their active offer on the market in a wide range. Unfortunately, this factor sometimes complicates the choice of the optimal model. But even a simple classification can simplify this task.

Built-in Range Hoods

This type of Range Hoods is very popular in recent years. Of course, such design involves the installation of some device elements and air duct within kitchen cabinet. Therefore, built-in models are easy to fit in almost any interior. For example, telescopic range hood is optimally suited for small kitchen. Actually, it not occupies of free space. The model is mounted inside of cabinet. In fact, only lower operating panel remains outside. Moreover, the cost of a telescopic model is practically no different from the price of traditional flat model.

Features of telescopic range hoods.

Of course, extendable working surface provides the greater air suction area. Accordingly, they have high efficiency.

Usually, these devices are very compact. For example, models without connecting to ventilation (only recirculation mode) occupy only 1/3 of shelf space.

These models provide a sufficiently high power. Therefore, the performance of the telescopic device is also quite high. It averages about 500 cubic meters per hour.

Virtually all models of this type support the modes of ventilation and recirculation. Availability of two modes greatly expands the user selection. Backlight provides additional lighting in the kitchen at night.

These range hoods simultaneously use the coarse filters for collecting fat and the activated carbon filters for air cleaning from odors.

The telescopic model fits very nicely in any interior.

Sufficiently high noise level is the only significant drawback. It’s about 60 dB. Location device inside cabinet reduces this drawback due to sound absorption by the cabinet housing. More expensive models have noise level about of 40 dB.

Dome shaped range hoods

These devices are divided into model of the fireplace and angular types.

Fireplace range hoods

They got its name due to similarity with fireplaces.

Model is mounted on the wall. They support ventilation and recirculation modes. Today these models are the most popular in segment of domed range hoods.

The popularity is caused by the following factors:

1. The model does not require of additional kitchen cabinet.

2. Colors and classical form are well suited virtually for any kitchen interior.

3. A wide range of models are performed in the popular modernist style or in the country style.

Angular range hoods

These devices are mounted in corner of kitchen.

Selection of corner model is usually predetermined by kitchen layout when hob is placed in the corner. They are divided into T-shaped and domed models.

Features of the angular models.

Almost all models are connected with air duct, but they also can operate in recirculation mode.

The design of angular models varies in a wide range. The dome design corresponds to the classical style. Retro and high-tech styles are also well represented in the model lines.

The circulation mode is almost never used for this type. Carbon filter cleans air on the kitchen by only 70%. Therefore, ventilation mode is the most common.

Range hoods with a noise level of 40 dB are considered low noise. The level of 60 dB corresponds to the average value of this parameter.

Hob with built-in hood is a good alternative solution for air cleaning in the kitchen. In recent years, the popularity of such models is growing rapidly despite the relatively high cost. Such a built-in hood is presented in the video.

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