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Review of capsule coffee machines

Review of capsule coffee machines

Nespresso coffee capsules

The taste of such coffee objectively does not differ from a drink from freshly ground coffee, although some fans claim the opposite. Of course, this aspect depends on individual preferences. Making coffee is carried out at the expense of a transmission hot water under pressure through capsule. Coffee is in advance packaged into special tight capsules. Appearance of capsule is similar to a miniature small cup of aluminum or molded paper. Coffee machine pierces the capsule and injects hot water under high pressure through the resulting hole.

Today many people prefer this method of coffee making because of its simplicity. The process of making Latte can be viewed in the video at the end of the article. Such models also require less effort to care, including the simple removal of used capsule.

Traditional brewing of coffee requires cleaning the device after each cooking. Capsule coffee also is popular with many people because it’s in a sealed package and retains all the taste properties. But, capsules have significant drawback. Coffee capsules are more expensive compared to traditional coffee.

Coffee in capsules

Unfortunately, today capsular coffee machines aren’t unified yet. Therefore, some capsules are only suitable for machines of a particular company. Before buying such a device, the user can check the availability for sale of capsules for this model. The term Nespresso is more widespread in comparison with the term “coffee in capsules”. The term is a brand of the Nestle Company under which the coffee machines of the same name and capsules are made. Nespresso line contains very much different types of capsules.

Each type of capsules has the taste of coffee. Cases of coffee machines are made of metal, plastic or their combination. The espresso coffee machines design surely has a horn for coffee loading. Through a horn there passes hot water under pressure. Metal horn warms coffee is better than plastic ones. Due to this, the taste of coffee is a more saturated. The grinder is also a mandatory element of the device. The grinder can be fitted with metal or ceramic millstones for grinding grain. Ceramic grinders operate quietly and are not designed for heavy loads. Therefore, they are often used in models of coffee machines for home use. Metal grinders create more noise. In this case, they are more durable and easy to maintain.


Of course, making coffee and coffee drinks have a lot of different recipes. Therefore, modern devices support many modes, including making cappuccino, espresso, mokachino, latte macchiato, Americano coffee, frappe, and other specialty coffee drinks. Of course, the range of drinks affects on features of model. Modern devices may use powder or encapsulated coffee and pods. Pods are single use bags made of paper with small holes.

Many modern capsular models are equipped with a display that greatly simplifies the preparation of coffee.

Usually, the display shows the data on the active mode of the device, the notification of the need to clean the machine, the addition of water or coffee. The display is also necessary for coffee machine programming.

Of course, the huge popularity creates the problem of disposal of used capsules. But today, Nespresso is successfully trying to solve it. The video illustrates this process.

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