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Review of KRUPS EA9010 Barista One Touch Cappuccino

Review of KRUPS EA9010 Barista One Touch Cappuccino

The range of the well-known manufacturer was replenished with another novelty. As known, today KRUPS brand belongs to the French SEB that produces products at its own factories. In particular, Krups Barista EA9010 is manufactured in a factory in the western part of France near the city of Mayenne.

Traditionally model has design in the strict style. Of course, classic combination of black with different shades fits perfectly with any interior.

Model has touch control panel for programming the number of cups, beverage strength and their volume.

Moreover, the memory saves the last selected settings, providing up to eight profiles, which stores the individual settings of each user. Of course, customization greatly simplifies the preparation of desired coffee.

Additionally, model uses patented Compact Thermoblock System that significantly reduces the cooking time and increases the saturation of finished coffee.

The process of making espresso contains several stages. First, the coffee machine presses and moistens the ground coffee. Then hot water passes through coffee at a pressure of about 15 bar, providing extraction, and throws the spent coffee into a special container.

The pulse sensor in the water container controls its level with the help of a float. Respectively, the pulse from the sensor blocks the device operation in the event of a decrease in the amount of water. Of course, simultaneously, screen displays this information.

Moreover, the pulse fluometer measures the water speed for making a drink in strict accordance with the recipe.

Two pulse sensors control the amount of coffee beans in the compartment. This information is additionally used by the device for coffee making the required strength.

The grinding degree is programmed for each recipe.


Of course, easy care also applies to the benefits of the model. Krups Barista does not have removable or fixed brewing units. A special tab in the display menu contains all the care procedures. Cleaning requires only a liquid container for self-cleaning, including Calc-Cleaning. These and other service procedures are accompanied by detailed and understandable instructions on the display. The user only confirms his actions by touching the OK button after each step.

This model provides fast and high-quality preparation of espresso, ristretto, americano, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk or hot water.

Of course, the preparation of exellent coffee-milk drinks is an essential advantage of the model. The device prepares cappuccino, coffee latte or hot milk in automatic mode.

User should only install a cup of cold milk under the coffee dispensers. Display shows recommendations for the amount of milk. Nozzle extends automatically from the body. It sinks into a cup, heats the milk with hot steam, rises in milk and foams it. The heating time is adjustable.

The grinding of coffee beans is carried out simultaneously with this process. After heating and foaming the milk, the nozzle automatically returns to its seat. Cleaning of the nozzle starts a few seconds after the coffee is finished.

Unfortunately, the model has drawbacks, including the high price, lack of cup warming and the need for regular purchase of special washing fluids and descaling tablets.

This video shows how the Krups coffee machine works from the inside.

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