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Review of Bosch TES71621RW VeroBar AromaPro 600 and Saeco HD8857 / 09 Exprelia Evo

Review of Bosch TES71621RW VeroBar AromaPro 600 and Saeco HD8857 / 09 Exprelia Evo

Of course, Bosch and Saeco coffee machines have a well-deserved reputation of the very reliable devices. In fact, models of these companies are present in all price segments, providing consumers with the choice of the optimal model.

Bosch TES71621RW

Automatic Bosch TES71621RW is one of the most popular models in the VeroBar series. The design of this model is made in a simple style.

The wide functionality of the device is one of its main advantages that is typical for German manufacturers of home appliances. This model provides preparation of a wide range of beverages, including hot milk, milk foam, hot water and coffee with milk. Individual tinctures provide the preparation of beverages according to your own recipe. A coffee machine can simultaneously cook several beverages. The model has eight preset levels of coffee taste.

AromaDouble Shot for making very strength coffee is also available in the settings. The option of automatic setting the grinding time of coffee beans is intended for selection of the optimum mode depending on its sort.

SensoFlow technology provides the optimum brewing temperature and the extraction of the most saturated aroma in a short time.

The millstones of the built-in coffee grinder are made of ceramics.

SinglePortion Cleaning option performs automatic cleaning the system after each preparation, draining the remaining water simultaneously.

The CreamCleaner button activates the flushing option for cleaning milk supply system.

This model is also equipped with an automatic descaling function.

Controls include a reliable rotary knob, auxiliary keys and a display.

The option to automatically turn off the device is activated when there is a long absence of actions. The time interval for switching off is adjustable.

This model supports the heating a cup.

Unfortunately, the Bosch TES71621RW VeroBar AromaPro 600 model has typical drawbacks, which include high price and the need for regular purchases of special detergents and descaling tablets. There is also no backlight for the cups.

Saeco HD8857 / 09 Exprelia Evo

Philips offered another automatic Saeco HD8857 / 09 Exprelia Evo coffee machine. As is known, Saeco brand has been the property of this company for several years.

The model has a classic design.

The case has a stainless steel finish. The device is equipped with electronic control and a large OLED-display with a multimedia menu. But touch control is absent. Buttons with illumination around the display provide convenient control even in the absence of bright lighting.

Latte Perfetto technology is the main feature of the Exprelia Evo series. The video at the end illustrates this tasty process. This option maintains a constant temperature of milk froth during the preparation of cappuccino or latte macchiato.

This model has a four-stage water purification system and a double boiler for constant steam supply. The water purification system was developed by Brita Company. Of course, these technical solutions also relate to the advantages of the device.

A coffee machine prepares latte macchiato, espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, hot milk, milkshake and hot water. This model also prepares double portions.

The built-in coffee grinder uses ceramic millstones that work much quieter compared to metal models. It provides eight pre-set levels of grinding coffee beans.

The patented SBS function adjusts the consistency and density of coffee foams for espresso and ristretto.

The model supports option of automatic descaling. The working module is easily removed for cleaning with the help of pressing the one button.

But high cost and the need to purchase a special cleaners and descaling tablets are typical drawbacks of this model.

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