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Review of the main features of modern coffee machines.

Review of the main features of modern coffee machines.

Modern coffee mashines as any technically complex devices are characterized by their functionality, technical values, design and features of care. Basically, these criteria are the main ones when choosing the optimal model.

Brewing coffee

Espresso coffee machines use coffee beans. Millstones of coffee grinders are made of ceramics or metal. These materials have the same service life. However, ceramics are not oxidized, preserving the taste and aroma of coffee. These coffee grinders also work much quieter.

The pump pressure of modern devices varies from 3.3 to 15 bars.

Various coffee beverages are prepared with the help of a special tube for the supply of hot steam. It’s called panarello frother attachment.

Steam provides almost instant milk foaming. Foam is necessary for preparation of latte, cappuccino and macchiato. Of course, the model must have a container for milk.

Reliability and functionality

Modern models are equipped with containers for water, coffee grains and its waste, a heating element, a pump and a brewing coffee mechanism.

The devices with removable components have a significant advantage due to the simple and convenient cleaning under running water. This is also much cheaper compared to automatic cleaning programs because of the lack of detergents.

The heating of the stand for coffee cups maintains the desired temperature of the finished beverage. More expensive coffee machines additionally provide illumination of cups that is very convenient for coffee making in a romantic semi-darkness.

The diagnostic system significantly reduces the risk of device damage. It’s intended primarily for control of scale level in the water supply system.

Reputation of the brand is an additional factor of their reliability. Virtually all brand owners strictly follow the compliance with assembly technology and the quality of the component parts because of its high cost. Reducing the quality very quickly reduces the reputation of the brand and, consequently, its cost. Therefore, today the quality of almost all products under any brand corresponds to a sufficiently high level.

Controls, care and design

Most coffee machines have electronic, mechanical or combined controls. Touch control is considered more convenient, but less reliable. The display provides programming the operating modes and convenient control. Modern models provide the adjustment of temperature, strength and volume of the coffee. Of course, an intuitive and user-friendly interface greatly improves usability.

Functions of setting the on / off time, flavor enhancement (pre-wetting) and the cycle counter are traditional and are present in most models.

The capacity of containers for coffee waste and water affects the frequency of service. Of course, models with capacious containers are much more convenient.

Many models have an automatic descaling. The video at the end of the article demonstrates this process in the Saeco Poemia coffee machine. But this function requires the regular purchase of special tablets or special cleaners.

Stylish and original design is the decoration of any kitchen that reflects the individuality of its owner. Today, the market offers models for every taste.

Of course, personal preferences are the main factor for this aspect. Most modern models fit perfectly into any interior. But some models are available in a wide color range that greatly simplifies the choice.

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