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Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra vs Max Ultra vs Qrevo MaxV robot vacuums Review

As know, Roborock is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and is one of the leaders in robot vacuums segment. Last year’s Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has offered an unprecedented level of automation, including, for example, auto rinsing wipes on the dock. This year was no exception. At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the Chinese giant presented four new robots, including S8 MaxV Ultra / Max Ultra and Qrevo MaxV / Pro models.

Roborok robots 2024

Confirming its status as an innovative industry leader, the company has significantly expanded the functionality list. It includes:

– voice command recognition without an Internet connection with advanced multitasking AI (artificial intelligence);

– improved side brush with retractable disc for cleaning corners, around obstacles and along baseboards;

– cleaning quality assessment function using AI sensor;

– dock version with direct connection to water supply and sewerage.

As known, the wet cleaning mode is practically the only difference between the S-series and Q-series. In particular, S-robots wash the floor using a vibrating platform, and the Qrevo line uses rotating turbo discs.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra provides unprecedented suction power up to 10,000 Pa. Together with the innovative DuoRoller Riser Brush with two ribbed rollers that rotate towards each other, the robot easily cleans even long-pile carpets. To be fair, 8,000 Pa of S8 Max Ultra and 7,000 Pa of Qrevo MaxV / Pro also seemed fantastic a few years ago. But, the Qrevo series uses one ribbed turbo brush.

Roborock technologies

Corner-to-edge cleaning

Roborock Corner-to-edge cleaning
Roborock Corner-to-edge cleaning

– FlexyArm Design side brush;

– Extra Edge mopping system.

Cleaning Master Duet

– DuoRoller Riser Brush;

– VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System (4000 times/min high-speed scrubbing with double vibration modules plus the auto-lift above surfaces up to 20 mm while cleaning carpets).

Upgreted All-in-one dock

8-in-1 RockDock Ultra
8-in-1 RockDock Ultra

– hot water Mop Washine;

– intelligent re-wash and re-mop;

– auto detergent dispenser.


– PresiSense LiDAR Navigation;

– Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition.

Voice & App control

-‘Hello Rocky’ Intelligent Voice Assistant;

– Roborock SmartPlan.

Mostly, Roborock model name depends on the robot functionality. In particular, Plus models come with self-emptying dock station. MaxV vacuums support company’s proprietary Reactive AI technology.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra vs Max Ultra vs Qrevo MaxV

Their price is ~ $ 1,800 vs $ 1,600 vs $ 1,400.

For reference, last year’s Qrevo version – $ 680 at 5,500Pa vs 7,000Pa suction power for new Qrevo MaxV;

– Docking System – all support Auto Washin / Drying the mop, Intelligent Dirt Detection, Auto Detergent Dispenser, Auto Tank Refilling and Auto Dust Emptying (except Auto Detergent Dispenser in Qrevo MaxV).

Roborock Auto Refilling
Roborock Auto Refilling

Roborock Auto Detergent Dispenser
Roborock Auto Detergent Dispenser


– suction power – 10,000 vs 8,000 vs 7,000PA;

– all – Automatic Brush Lifting;

– S8 MaxV Ultra & Max Ultra – Flexi Arm Design Side Brush, Extra Edge Mopping System, High-speed Sonic Mopping and DuoRoller Brush;

– Qrevo MaxV – FlexiArm Design Mop, Dual Spinning Mops and Single All-Rubber Brush.

Smart features:

– all support Obstacle Avoidance, LDS Laser Navigation, Adaptive Route Algorithm, Ultrasonic Carpet Sensing, App Control, Third-party Voice Control and Intelligent Voice Assistant (except Intelligent Voice Assistant in Qrevo MaxV).

Main specs (all):

– color – black and white (only white for Qrevo);

– volume – up to 67dB;

– cleaning area – 300sqm;

– dustbin volume – 270ml (330ml for Qrevo);

– water tank capacity – 100ml (only 80ml for Qrevo);

– battery capacity – 5200mAh;

– runtime (quiet mode) – 180min;

– dimensions – 350x353x103mm (Robot) and 409x419x470mm (Dock) for MaxV Ultra vs 350x353x96.5mm (Robot) and 409x419x470mm (Dock) for Max Ultra vs 350x353x102mm (Robot) and 340*487*521mm (Dock) for for Qrevo.


Reactive AI 2.0 technology is one of the major improvements.

Roborock Reactive AI 2.0
Roborock Reactive AI 2.0

Its neural network optimizes cleaning by recognizing the type and pollution degree of individual floor areas. For example, having detected dried-on stains, the robot will additionally moisten the wipe and increase the intensity of vibration/friction (depending on the technology used by the series). To clean large amounts of dry debris, the vacuum increases its maximum suction power. Moreover, if necessary, the robot can reduce the speed and even make a second pass until it’s completely cleaned.

Also AI optimizes the cleaning route. In particular, after analyzing the room map, the robot will vacuum the carpets, moisten the discs, lower them to the floor, and begin hybrid cleaning of hard surfaces. Moreover, the algorithm takes into account the surface structure, increasing cleaning performance by moving mainly along the seams.

Roborock cleaning logyc AI
Roborock cleaning logyc AI

In addition, Reactive AI is very convenient for cleaning areas with pets. When approaching, the robot reduces the noise level and carefully drives around it, stopping the rotation of the brush.

MaxV models also support live broadcasting from the robot’s camera to the smartphone screen.

Finally, innovative Reactive AI 2.0 in MaxV Ultra perceives context, solving even specific tasks. For example, it can find a pet in the apartment.

Roborock pet AI
Roborock pet AI

Both new flagship MaxV models have a built-in Hello Rocky assistant that supports voice commands without a speaker or the Internet.

The new S models use an innovative retractable side brush control by AI. Like FlexiArm technology in Qrevo series, it extends the brush when necessary providing high-quality cleaning in corners, near baseboards and around obstacles. In fact, the robot with a round form factor provides all bonuses of D-shaped model, which has to use quite complex maneuvers.

New 8-in-1 RockDoc Ultra dock and VibroRice 3.0

The name of the new compact dock version with connection to water supply and sewerage contains ‘Refill & Drainage’. Its compactness is due to the exclusion of tanks from the base.

Roborock S8 docks
Roborock S8 docks

This aspect further removes the limitation imposed by the requirement for access from above. Of course, it significantly increases the cleaning automation level, but its placement is limited by the location of the corresponding plumbing communications. In particular, the permissible distance to the drain is limited to 6 meters.

New dock has a smart sensor that optimizes wip washing by controlling the transparency of waste water. In addition, the robot uses hot water with a temperature of 60℃, which improves the performance of this mode.

Moreover, S8 MaxV/Max Ultra has Auto Detergent Dispenser function for adding detergent during washing.

Finally, the station cleans and dries its own platform.

All new models use the VibroRice 3.0 wet cleaning module. Like the previous version 2.0, it’s a vibrating attachment. The improved module uses an additional rotating turbo disc on the side for more thorough cleaning along the baseboard. Specializing in wet cleaning, the Qrevo MaxV / Pro models use new FlexiArm technology, which extends the right turbo disc when necessary. Moreover, it also extends when cleaning around furniture legs and in corners.

Roborock FlexiArm technology
Roborock FlexiArm technology

Except for Roborock Qrevo Pro, all robots lift the washing module above the carpet, and press it to the floor on a hard surface. This option appeared in premium models several years ago and quickly became very popular. In fact, it combines washing and vacuuming into one cleaning cycle. For reference, the list of differences between Qrevo MaxV vs Qrevo Pro also includes the lack of Intelligent Voice Assistant support.


In fact, specialization is the main difference between the S and Qrevo series. In particular, the turbo discs of Qrevo models are more effective for washing vs the vibro mop in the S-series. But the enormous suction power of S8 MaxV Ultra (up to 10,000Pa) is very useful for cleaning carpets, especially long-pile ones. In addition, its docking station has auto detergent dispenser for self-cleaning.

Flagship MaxV models are controlled by AI and support voice control without the Internet. But S8 uses the latest generation of algorithms that are capable of recognizing even contextual tasks. Compact Refill & Drainage docks also max increase cleaning automation.

Of course, the new S8 models are expensive. But prices of Dreame Bot L30 Ultra / L20 Ultra with similar functionality and 7,000Pa suction power also reache $ 1,700 / $ 1,400. However, given the unprecedented level of automation, they seem quite adequate.

This video shows emptying and maintenance of the S8 MaxV Ultra dock.

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