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Jura C8 Piano Black

Compact fully automatic Jura C8 vs Jura ENA 4 vs Jura ENA 8 coffee machines Review

As known, a cult Jura brand belongs to Swiss Elektroapparate AG, which produces premium home appliances since 1931. The premium coffee machines стали основным направлением компании in the early 90s. Today it’s one of the leaders in premium segment.

The Jura coffee machines are manufactured by Swiss Eugster/Frismag company на заводах в Португалии и Швейцарии. Like Saeco, it’s the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic coffee machines. Кроме Jura, Eugster/Frismag is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier for других известных компаний, включая Bosch, Melitta, Nivona, etc.

Jura coffee machines

Jura lineup includes compact A and ENA, full-size mid-range D, E, S, J, Z series, and luxury Giga models.

But several years ago the company abandoned the compact A-series. The new C-series can be positioned as its improved version. The company represents C8 as the new ‘premium economy’ segment from Jura.

In fact, it complements the popular ENA series. As known, in 2022 the company introduced the flagship ENA 8 (~$ 1,800) and its cheaper ENA 4 version on an almost identical platform.

Jura ENA 8
Jura ENA 8

Differences (ENA 4 vs ENA 8):

– price – $ 1,000 vs $ 1,800;

– number of programs – 4 vs 12;

– milk-based drinks – no vs + (including programmable amount of milk/milk foam);

– WiFi – + vs no;

– coffee strength settings – 3 vs 10;

– weight 8.4 vs 9.4 kg.

Both models:

– size – 27.1×32.3×44 cm;

– intelligent preheating system (compensates for temperature fluctuations, providing extraction at the optimum brewing temperature).

ENA 4 vs C8:

– price ~ $ 1,000 vs € 950;

– programs – 4 (Espresso, Coffee, Espresso doppio, Coffee doppio) vs 6 (Espresso, 2x Espresso, Coffee, 2x Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato);

– water tank capacity – 1.1 vs 1.6 L;

– bean container holding capacity – 125 vs 200g;

– coffee grounds container ~ 10 vs 16 servings.

With similar dimensions, the C8 is slightly heavier (10.3 kg vs 8.4 kg). All models are compatible with CLARIS Smart+ filter cartridge and with J.O.E. app (but C8 comes without WiFi adapter), have Professional Aroma Grinder (P.A.G.) and can use pre-ground coffee via powder chute.

According to the company, the Professional Aroma Grinder (P.A.G.), with improved geometry, increased aroma extraction from coffee beans by ~12% by increasing the proportion of fines in the total grind.

Coffee brewing technologiess

Both series support almost all popular Jura’s technologies, including P.E.P., 3D brewing technology and I.P.B.A.S.

The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology is based on passing hot water through ground coffee in a pulsed mode. In fact, it improves extraction performance.

Jura PEP technology
Jura PEP technology

The 3D brewing technology in the new brewing unit improves the extraction process. Unlike previous generations, its lower piston has a volumetric surface and a new hot water injection system. New design increases the contact area between the water and the coffee tablet. In fact, the water contacts the coffee in 3D space. In addition, unlike previous versions with a single injection point, 3D brewing technology uses up to 13 access points.

Jura Z10 Cold Extraction Process
Jura Z10 Cold Extraction Process

As a result, the ‘3D’ water shower almost instantly permeates the entire tablet volume, ensuring efficient coffee extraction. Its performance is sufficient even for Cold Brew coffee, which the coffee machine makes with the help of cold water.

The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) adapts the brewing process to the selected portion. As known, the modern coffee machines make coffee in two stages:

-pre-wetting (usually 1 second or more), which increases the extraction performance due to the higher density of the wet coffee tablet;

-extraction by pushing hot water under pressure through the tablet.

But modern models use a brewing unit with an adjustable amount of ground coffee (usually from 5 to 16 g), which provides customization of the consistency and coffee strength. Of course, the optimal amount of water for a 5-gram coffee is significantly different vs a 16-gram option. Jura engineers brilliantly solved this problem with I.P.B.A.S. In fact, it adapts the duration and amount of pre-brewing water depending on the selected settings, including coffee strength and its amount.

Jura IPBAS system
Jura IPBAS system

Key Features

The coffee machine has a glossy Piano Black finish.

Jura C8 Piano Black design
Jura C8 Piano Black design


– programs – Espresso & 2x Espresso, Coffee & 2x Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato;

– variable brewing unit (5 - 16 g);

– pump – 15 bar;

– Professional Aroma Grinder (P.A.G.).

Jura Professional Aroma Grinder.jpg

– 1.6 l water tank capacity (15–20 cups);

– bean container holding capacity 200 g;

– coffee grounds container ~ 16 servings.

– milk system / interchangeable milk spout – HP1 / CX1;

– Easy Control Panel.

Jura C8 Display
Jura C8 Display

– settings – quantity of water, coffee strength (3 levels), grind consistency (7 levels), amount of milk/milk foam;

– height-adjustable (75 – 115 mm) and width-adjustable dual spout.

Vacuum Clean technology greatly simplifies the maintenance of the brewing unit. After each cycle, it automatically ‘sucks up’ all remaining water and coffee oils, eliminating the formation of mold on the components.

Cleaning of the milk tract is also fully automated. C8 fills the container with the required amount of water and dispenses the required number of new mini milk purification tablets.

CLARIS Smart filter effectively purifies and softens water, preventing calcification, and is especially useful in regions with hard water.

Jura Claris Smart Filter
Jura Claris Smart Filter

In particular, the quality of water directly affects the taste of coffee and the descaling frequency.

An illuminated coffee dispenser adjustable in height and width ensures convenient placement of any cup.



– the highest Swiss quality backed by an impeccable reputation (the average service life of JURA coffee machines exceeds 9 years);

– stylish compact design;

– PEP, 3D brewing, IPBAS and Vacuum Clean technologies;

– Professional Aroma Grinder;

– ultra simple control with Easy Control Panel;

– auto cleaning of the milk tract;

– enhanced J.O.E. app.


– high prices for C8 functionality;

– no touchscreen.

The Swiss company has once again successfully confirmed its status as one of the industry leaders by introducing the superb compact Jura C8, priced under $1,000. To be fair, it is quite expensive compared to its main competitors. For example, the price of full-size Philips LatteGo 3200 and Delonghi Magnifica Evo (ECAM29084) with similar functionality is ~$ 800 and ~$ 700, respectively.

In addition, the C8 offers a small display and only 6 programs. At the same time, the coffee machine actually prepares only 4 drinks (Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato), offering two versions of Espresso and Coffee.

However, its marketing prospects seem quite bright. Firstly, the company can offer a traditional launch price correction. Secondly, Jura offers an impeccable reputation proven over the years. In particular, the average lifespan of Jura coffee machines exceeds an unprecedented 9 years. As a result, despite the slightly higher price compared to competitors, models under this brand offer superb value for money.

This video demonstrates the new fully automatic Jura C8 coffee machine.

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