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Living room Hisense laser TV

Pocket vs Portable vs Living room projectors. Review

This article discusses the newest living room projectors, portable and pocket models, including XGIMI Halo+, Miroir M190 and M600, AAXA M7 and HP2, BenQ GV30 and Pico Genie Impact 4.0 projectors , theis prices, main specs and key features, Hisense L5F and L9G laser TVs, anonced Nokia Projector Phone 5G and Samsung Galaxy Beam 3 projector phones, etc. The article also contains a video with a XGIMI Halo+ portable projector.

Best portable projector specs Overview

This article discusses the main specs of the ultra-portable projectors, including their connectivity, brightness and its dependence on the Helmholtz – Kohlrausch effect, native and ANSI contrast, dynamic iris, etc. This article also contains a video showing the projector contrast ratio comparison at theater lighting.

Projector Features

Projector Features

This article discusses the projector features, including auto-keystone correction, IRIS, Lens Shift, 3D, PIP (picture- in-picture) projector options, their classification, including Palm, Pico and
Pocket models, etc. The article also contains a video showing the Blackview MAX 1 Projector Mobile Phone with Samsung AMOLED display 6.01 inch (2160 x 1080 Pixel), Android 8.1 OS, 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 4680mAh battery, CPU MT6763T Octa Core (2.5GHz, 64bit), etc.

What is projector and its types?

What is projector and its types?

This article discusses the modern projectors, including 3-chip and 1-chip models, their key features, DLP, LCD and LCoS technologies, their pros and cons, Screen-Door, rainbow and posterization effects, etc. The article also contains a video showing the visualization of the rainbow effect (color artifacts along the contour of fast-moving objects) in 1-chip DLP projectors.

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