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Washer features

Washer features

Features of the washing machine affect the choice of the optimal model. Of course, it also depends on its functionality, dimensions, drum capacity, price and other characteristics.


Front models have typically height of 35 in and width of 24 in. The market also offers compact models which can be placed under the sink or in other inaccessible places. However, the maximum possible loading of these machines does not usually exceed 7,7 lb dry laundry. Washing machines are classified in size as full-size, narrow, ultra narrow and compact.

Dimensions of full-length devices reach 35in in height, and 24in in depth and width. They can wash from 11 up to 15 lb of dry laundry per cicle.

Narrow models have a depth up to 15 in. The height and width coincides with the full-size models. Their capacity varies in the range of 7.7-11.5 lb.

Depth of the ultra narrow models usually does not exceed 13 in. They provide washing up to 9 lb of dry laundry.

Compact models have 27.5, 17.7 and 20 inches in height, depth and width, respectively, and wash to 6.6 lb of dry laundry per cycle.

Top load models usually have 33, 23 and 17.7 inches in height, depth and width, respectively. Of course, full-size model requires a lot of space, but its operation is cheaper, because of the decrease in the number of cycles, and, accordingly, the expenditure of detergents, water and electricity.


Some experts consider top load models more reliable because of their design. Indeed, the fixation of drum in these models uses two shafts which reduces its vibration during operation. Consequently, the load on the shaft bearings decreases and they wear out more slowly. However, laboratory tests do not confirm these conclusions. Reliability largely depends on the quality of components and assembly.

Drum capacity

This is one of the main washer value. It varies from 6,6 to 15,4 lb of dry laundry. According to statistics, a family of 3-4 people accumulates about 11 lb of laundry for washing per week. This value is the main criterion for choosing the optimal model.

But user must take into account the following aspects. Model instruction typically contains data for cotton fabrics. However, the weight of cotton, wool and synthetic clothes significantly differs. For example, five T-shirts of cotton are equivalent to only one woolen thing. Of course, the real capacity for washing woolen clothes will be significantly less.

The minimum allowable weight of the laundry for loading drum is another important value. To some it may seem insignificant. However, it’s not. Typically, this value varies from 2,2 up to 3,3 lb. Ignoring this restriction may damage the device, because in this case the laundry is distributed unevenly in the drum. This leads to strong vibration of mechanism and its accelerated wear. Therefore, most of the models are equipped with a special system that blocks spin the laundry in case of uneven or incomplete drum filling. This prevents premature wear of bearings.


Design of the front washing machines is more diverse and interesting compared with the top load models.

In addition, many people prefer to control the washing process through the transparent window of the door.

Energy efficiency

All washing machines are classified according to three main criteria that include the washing and spin of the laundry and energy efficiency. They are estimated by the standard unified scale. All modern washing machines have a special energy efficiency labels with this information and other characteristics.

Spin cycle

After washing, the washing machine switches to rinse mode. Rinsing quality is important for people with allergies, because this mode is also designed to remove detergent residues. The spin cycle is activated after rinsing and uses high speed rotation of the drum.

Rotation speed of the drum affects the spin intensity and is adjusted depending on the texture of fabric. This adjustment is very convenient. For example, silk items require minimum speed, because high speed can spoil their. Woolen things require maximum speed. 600 rpm is used for cotton and synthetic fabrics. Optimal value for jeans amounts to 1000 rpm.


Usually, modern models use mechanical switches, buttons and touch controls.

In addition, some modern models of the upper price segment support WiFi control. This video demonstrates install & register Smart ThinQ App for LG washers.

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