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Features cooking in multicooker

Features cooking in multicooker

A high modern rhythm affects all aspects of our life. Of course, cooking is no exception. All people love a tasty and healthy meal, but with minimal time and effort on its cooking. Manufacturers quite adequately respond to this demand, offering a wide range of various kitchen appliances, including bread maker, deep fryer, juicer, yogurt maker, air grill, etc.

As a result, we get the opportunity to cook with their help rather complex dishes. At the same time, fierce competition stimulates companies to continuously improve models, increase their competitiveness and functionality with the help of innovative technologies. As a consequence, today the market offers kitchen appliances with a high level of automation of the cooking process using digital technologies. Many modern models have pre-installed cooking programs and support the creation and storing their own recipes. What is important, today they have an affordable price. Thus, a modern consumer, even without culinary skills, can easily prepare quite complex dishes. Of course, the multicooker most closely matches this trend. The video at the end perfectly demonstrates the versatility of the innovative T-fal RK705 10-In-1 Rice and Multicooker.

Typically, almost all modern models have dozens of automatic programs, including cooking the soups, porridges, pilaf, yogurt, etc.

The list of main technical values includes the volume, material and shape of the bowl, the number of cooking modes and automatic programs, the operating temperature range, and a set of accessories.

Of course, they directly affect the choice of the optimal multicooker.

Operation of multicooker

This cooking contains a few simple but useful rules.

– The high temperature of the device body during cooking can melt the adhesive backing of information stickers on the case. Therefore, they must be removed before the first use.

– Cooking requires free space next to the device for cutting ingredients. Therefore, the corner or edge of the tabletop can be inconvenient for placing the multicooker.

– The minimum distance from the device to surrounding objects and walls should be more than 8 inches due to the high temperature during cooking.

– Hot steam during steam cooking can damage the bottom of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. Therefore, device usually not placed under the hinged furniture.

As a rule, all modern models support delayed start, pressure cooker and steamer modes. But more expensive models often support voice commands, programming and saving custom recipes, Wi-Fi connection, etc. For example, REDMOND SkyCooker series supports Wi-Fi connection and control via REDMOND Sky-app.

Main modes


The multicooker perfectly prepares this simple but very popular dish. Its preparation requires only to place the necessary amount of cereal into the bowl, add water, salt and spices and activate the appropriate automatic program. Then, the device will prepare a fragrant, crumbly porridge. Of course, cooking diet porridge from whole grain cereals is especially convenient for supporters of healthy eating. Unfortunately, the duration of cooking porridge reaches several hours. But full process automation reduces this inconvenience.

Some models use a separate mode for milk porridges.

This mode uses a short cooking cycle and a low temperature to prevent milk boiling up.


Multicookers perfectly cook these dishes. Preparation requires only the addition of cut vegetables, cereals and spices to the ready broth in accordance with the recipe and activation of the “Soups” mode. Moreover, the cook can add various ingredients during cooking.

Steam cooking

Of course, almost all modern multicookers support this popular cooking method. Device in this mode uses a special metal basket for foods. Steam cooking using the multicooker is ideal for vegetables, meat or fish.

Boiled dinner

The multicooker perfectly cooks this dish in automatic mode. In fact, its cooking requires from the cook only cutting vegetables and adding spices.

Then, the program chooses the optimal duration and cooking temperature, providing an excellent result even for a novice chef.

Baking and scrambled eggs

Modern models perfectly cook these dishes in automatic mode.

Features cooking using multicooker

– Almost all modern models without 3D heating have a heating element under the bowl bottom. Therefore, the products at the bottom get the most intense heat treatment. This aspect is convenient to use for cooking products that require different heat treatment times. For example, meat or legumes at the bowl bottom will be cooked simultaneously with the vegetables on top.

– The multicooker perfectly cooks juicy and tasty meat, if it contains a small amount of fat.

– Pre-roasting meat in breading from flour before cooking in the multicooker improves its taste and aroma in the dish.

– Excessive amount of water in the bowl causes digestion of foods. But insufficient amount of water does not provide the required heat treatment. Moreover, products can burn. Therefore, the amount of water must match the recipe.

– Stewing mode is perfect for making delicious melted milk and jellied meat.

– The multicooker is worse preparing complex dishes with the gradual addition of ingredients.

– All ingredients should occupy no more than two-thirds of the bowl.

– As a rule, sour cream is added to the dish about 20-30 minutes before the end of the cooking cycle. Fresh herbs require only a few minutes.

– Multicooker prepares dishes with alcohol at low temperature for a long time.

– Juicy vegetables, mushrooms, etc., may be slightly dried at elevated temperature and with the lid open. In this case, the device prepares a fried, not a stew dish.

– Many models can cook yogurt in warm up mode. As know, the preparation of this dessert requires maintaining the temperature up to 45 degrees for a long time. But a higher temperature kills beneficial microorganisms.

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