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Features of carbon steel fry pan

Features of carbon steel fry pan

Such cookware is made with the help of a special heat treatment hat attaches to steel a bluish tint. This color is an indication of high carbon content in the metal. Frying pans from this steel belong to premium class.

French De Buyer and Italian PADERNO companies are among the leaders in this segment. Probably, many know the logos of these manufacturers. French Company is known over 180 years.

Italian Company is founded in 1925.


These frying pans have a characteristic shape that is known as the Lyon shape. High convex walls are expanded in a top part. All the bends have rounded shapes. Handles are made of sheet steel and also have a characteristic bend. They are fixed on the housing by welding or riveting.

The most common diameter varies from 5 to 12 inches.

Cookware of blue steel with thickness of walls and bottom from 1 to 1.5 mm is not a commercial, because this material is easily deformed under strong heating. They are designed only when using heat source of low power. These models are known as LA LYONNAISE frying pans.

Models with thickness of side walls and bottom 2 mm belong to commercial cookware. They are more durable, withstand high temperatures and can use the power heat sources of medium level. Such models are known as Force Blue.

Pros and cons

This lict contans following factors.


– durability.

This cookware retains a good appearance and haigh qualities for many years, but, of course, at proper care.

– convenience of shape.

These frying pans have no sharp corners.

– ergonomics.

The handle has a special form that is called French bend that is convenient even for the left hand.

– versatility.

Frying pan uses any heating type, including induction.

– cooking quality.

Frying pan of blue steel is ideal for frying meat. It provides caramelization (formation of a crust on the surface) at a temperature above 140 В° C. The crust prevents drying the meat inside, providing juiciness of cooked dishes.


– sensitivity to overheat.

Weak non-stick properties of this material often are the cause of scorching.


Blue steel is sensitive to temperature changes, moisture and acid.


Service life of these frying pans depends essentially on the correct care that includs preliminary firing and impregnating surface by oil. This is achieved as follows. New frying pan is cleaned from label and glue with the help of water and porous sponge. Then, two teaspoons of vegetable oil and a small piece of butter are placed in the frying pan. Frying pan is maximally heated. Melted butter pours out, and its remnants are removed with the help of paper with good absorbent properties. After that, the frying pan is ready to cooking.

Operation features

– the frying pan necessarily is heated before cooking;

– storage of cooked food negatively affects on the frying pan;

– cleaning the surface is carried out by using a sponge and hot water without using the detergents;

– storage is carried out in a dry place. Prolonged storage in a damp environment requires additional protection. Manufacturers recommend lubricate the surface with vegetable oil;

– too hot or cold water can damage the surface of the frying pan;

– removal of odors and strong pollution is effectively cleared by kitchen salt. Salt is strongly heated for one minute and is removed with the help of absorbent paper;

– optimal cooking suggests the short-term intense heat treatment of food on both sides. Further process is carried out in its own juice at minimum power.

Of course, these features should be considered when choosing a frying pan.

This video demonstrates the cleaning of blue fry pan with salt.

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