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Features of crepe maker

Features of crepe maker

Pancakes are one of the most popular dishes in many national cuisines. Of course, traditional frying pan is quite suitable for their preparation. But, the specialized crepe maker is more convenient and effective for this purpose. Moreover, modern market offers a wide range of such devices.

Crepe maker usually does not have side walls or they are very low for convenient overturning the pancakes. Working surface of these devices is a flat or has the recesses.


The flat model is designed for cooking the pancakes of any shape and size.

The batter should occupy about 2/3 from working surface. The pancake is fried on one side, then turned over and fried on the other side. Diameter of working surface usually varies from 8 to 11 inches.

Manual adjustment of working temperature, complexity of the device cleaning and the uncomfortable pouring the dough are the main disadvantages of these models.

Models with recesses for small pancakes are more comfortable. The recesses significantly simplify dosing the required batter amount for one pancake.

Working surface is a circle, oval or rectangle of sheet aluminum with special recesses for a batter. Sometimes the surface is divided into smaller segments for the simultaneous preparation of several pancakes. Such models often have segments of different sizes (for example, one large and several small). The number of segments usually does not exceed six. Diameter of the recesses typically equals from 4.5 inches or higher. Such design provides cooking the several pancakes of different sizes.

An additional work surface increases productivity. This solution is sometimes used in commercial models.

The recesses usually have form of a circle. But some models have a recess in the form of amusing figures (for example, the head of Mickey Mouse, etc.).

However, today the market offers separate attachment for cooking pancakes on a conventional frying pan.

Simultaneous cooking the several pancakes is the main pros of such models. The small size of pancakes (usually up to 5.5 inches) and a relatively high energy consumption (models for 4 pancakes consume 800 W, for 6 pancakes – 1200 W) are the major cons.


Of course, almost all modern models use a thermostat for providing optimal temperature. Operating temperature for most models is 200 degrees. Some models have a smooth temperature control. LEDs inform about reaching the desired temperature of working surface. Thermostat and LEDs effectively provide the optimal temperature, simplifying the cooking pancakes in accordance with the recipe.

Devices often are equipped with timer. Some models have a calibrated soup ladle for batter that is calculated on a certain capacity of recesses.

Some models have a lid with an electric heating element. Such crepe maker provides simultaneous heating of the batter from both sides, reducing cooking time. Of course, in this case, necessity of the pancakes overturning is absent.

But model with lid requires accurate filling the recesses for dough because excess batter is squeezed outwardly.

Of course, all these features affect the choice of the optimal electric skillet.

The power of modern models varies from 800 to 1200 W that is much smaller compared to electric stoves. Of course, all modern models have a non stick coating.

Today Krampouz crepe makers are among the most popular in this segment. Cooking pancakes and care of this model is shown in the video.

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