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Features of vacuums

Features of vacuums

Today, vacuum is one of the most popular household appliances, and is present in almost any apartment. High demand stimulates companies to constantly expand the functionality and range of their models. But the variety of the model range sometimes complicates the choice of the optimum vacuum. Primarily, it depends on the price, characteristics and functionality of the model.

Suction power adjustment, vibratory cleaning and odors eliminating

Modern models have the mechanical or automatic suction power adjustment. Usually, mechanical adjustment uses controls on the handle or on the device housing.

Digital adjustment use remote control with digital display. But these models are significantly expensive. This function is implemented, for example, in Miele vacuums.

Power adjustment provides selection of the optimal level depending on the coating types. Of course, this function is convenient during sequential cleaning the carpet, linoleum and parquet, or for cleaning curtains. For example, the carpet with a long pile requires maximum suction power, and for curtains – it should be minimal. This function is especially comfortable for models with battery, providing efficient use its charge.

Of course, quick cleaning also requires maximum power. But cleaning with minimal noise require lowered power.

Vibratory cleaning provides filter cleaning without disassembly of vacuum.

Odors eliminating option uses filters and flavorings. The heated dust has an unpleasant smell. But, almost all modern models solve this problem. For example, Ambia filter uses special plate with a few drops of flavoring.

Carbon filter almost completely eliminates all unpleasant odors, but requires periodic replacement.

Modern vacuums with a dust bag use flavorings in the form of granules.

Moreover, some models have active control module for automatic adjustment of the air aromatization level.

Blowing, maneuverability and turbo brush

Blowing provides the increased speed of the airflow at the vacuum outlet. Of course, this is a very convenient mode. For example, you can use it for cleaning the air filter of the car, for coloring or for working in the garden or in the yard. Of course, blowing mode is very convenient for cleaning territory from dust and leaves. Unfortunately, vacuums rarely have this function. It’s mainly present in wet / dry models.

The maneuverability highly depends on the vacuum weight and shape of its wheels. Typically, four wheels on sides of vacuum provide good maneuverability and steadiness. The rubberized wheels reliably protect the parquet and laminate against damages. Of course, they are more reliable than plastic wheels. But some companies use the additional engineering solutions. For example, Dyson Company has developed the special Ball technology. Wheels with the ball shape provide turning on the spot and excellent maneuverability between the furniture.

However, the company continues to improve this technology. Video at the end perfectly illustrates its advantages.

Turbo brush is one of the major accessories of modern vacuums. It effectively removes the very small particles of garbage and pet hair. Turbo brushes use mechanical or electrical drive. Modern models are often complex device, that provides a significant improvement of cleaning quality.

Cleaning area, cord length adjustment, compartment for accessories, protection from the germs, fungi, bacteria and allergens

Of course, cleaning area depends on cable length and telescopic extension rod and usually reaches 16 ft.

But ome models provide 23 ft or more. This value does not very important for the small rooms but extended cleaning area is very convenient in large rooms or in the courtyard.

Cord length adjustment changes the power cable length and can work in fast or slow mode. It eliminates the cable excess on the floor in case of reducing the distance between the vacuum and the mains socket is reduced. But some models automatically activate this function in the case of disconnection from the mains.

Many models have a compartment for storing attachments in the vacuum body.

Also, it can be on handle or on pipe. However, this compartment increases the device dimensions.

Protection from the germs, fungi and bacteria uses nano-silver coating on the HEPA filters.

Special antibacterial attachment with UV lamp is another way to deal with germs. They are usually sold separately. Sometimes it’s equipped with a vibrating mechanism. UV lamp kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The vibrating platform is designed for knocking out them from the dense fluffy coating. Their simultaneous operation provides the efficient cleaning from mites and other harmful microorganisms.

Protection from allergens uses special design of turbo brush that increases efficiency of cleaning the carpets from pet hair. For example, some model use fastening the bristles on a rotating shaft in a spiral.

Additional options

Shoulder strap provides convenient cleaning the surfaces of the shelves, cabinets or air conditioners.

Many modern vacuums with water filtration often provide the steaming, fluid collection and electronic adjustment of water level and steam supply.

The motor thermal protection function disables vacuum at a critical motor temperature. It protects the motor from overheating during intensive use and is present in almost all modern models.

Lock of false start is activated at absence of the dust container and protects from accidental ingress of dust and dirt in the device nodes. This situation occurs when a user forgets to set the dust bag.

Engine soft-start protects the motor against overload during a launch.

Automatic shutdown of the motor when filling the dust bag uses protection relay for turns off the motor.

The elastic rubber bumper protects the furniture from scratches and damage. Some models have the ability to replace the bumper.

Of course, the noise level significantly affects the usability and depends on the engine power. Therefore, the companies are constantly trying to reduce it. Developers use special sound insulating materials and optimization of air flows. Using amortization suspension for motor also reduces noise. These technical solutions provide good results. For example, models Stealth from Samsung or Ultra Silencer from Electrolux have noise level of 71-73 dB. This is a very good value for a powerful vacuum. The latest models of Bosch also are positioned as noiseless.

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