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How to choose a wall oven

How to choose a wall oven

The wall oven is one of the main attributes in the kitchen and has enjoyed steadily high demand for more than a hundred years. Today this device is present in almost any kitchen. Of course, the competition in this segment is very high. Therefore, companies are constantly improving their models, expanding their functionality. Wall ovens with microwave are a demonstration of this trend.

Today the market offers freestanding models or wall ovens in the range stoves. Of course, each solution has its pros and cons. But their functionality and basic technical parameters are almost identical and do not affect the basic criteria for choosing the optimal model.

Telescopic rails

The cooking in the oven is based on the use of a very high temperature. Therefore, the cooking process is not always comfortable. Companies pay much attention to this aspect. Technology using telescopic rails almost solved this problem, eliminating the risk of burns during operations with utensils inside the working chamber.

They are made in the form of sliding rails and are designed for trays and grills.

Many modern models have the guides of multilevel type. The number of such levels can be varied from 2 to 4.

Retractable design is very convenient and technological. It provides absolutely safe access to the dishes inside the hot oven.

Telescopic rails inside the oven and easily withstand the weight up to 22 – 26 lb. Besides, telescopic guides are often manufactured removable that simplifies their cleaning.

Sliding oven drawer is a modification of telescopic rails from a technical point of view. This oven drawer on the door slides out of the opening chamber.

Such engineering solution eliminates the risk of hand burns, for example, during adding sauces.

Timer and temperature probe (core temperature probe, core temperature sensor, thermosensor)

Electronic clock with display controls the cooking duration or end time of the cooking programs work.

Of course, it also shows the current time. Almost all modern models have an electronic timer.

Temperature probe provides determination of meat readiness.

Some recipes often require temperature control inside the product. Pre-set cooking program contains temperature values. The user just selects the meat type and the cooking program. Oven provides set temperature based on data from thermal sensors.

Rotisserie and pizza stones

Rotisserie is a removable metal rod for a cooking barbecue or poultry meals.

Motor rotates its, providing uniform heat treating the entire surface.

As rule, all models with the Pizza mode have pizza stones of natural stone or ceramic, providing baking at home.

The porous structure of natural stone fast absorbs moisture from dough. As a result, millions of microscopic pores in stone are capable during a long time to hold the desired temperature in the oven without its increase. This technology provides the formation of a crispy crust on baking.

Fat filter, cold door and insulating divider

This filter is placed on rear wall of the oven and protects the fan from dirt and fat during cooking.

Effective thermal insulation eliminates heating the outside part of oven door during cooking. Additional glazing and a special coating also reduce power consumption and cooking time by reducing the intensity of heat exchange.

Insulating divider was first implemented in a Hotpoint-Ariston model for separate use of the internal volume.

Both compartments can be used simultaneously or separately. Simultaneous use of the two compartments envisages adjusting the baking temperature in the range from 50 to 250 degrees. The temperature difference between the two zones can reach 100 degrees. This engineering solution provides simultaneous preparation of two dishes at different temperatures. Delimiter also eliminates mixing the odors between zones.

This video demonstrates the programming a Leisure Range Cooker to come on and turn off automatically.

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