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Ice cream machine choice

Ice cream machine choice

The ice cream machine contains a container and a whisk for mixing. In fact, its operation no different from the mixer with a freezer. The rotation of the whorls forms a homogeneous mass without crystallization of water, which is then cooled. Moreover, this device can store ice cubes, to prepare yogurt, sorbets, cocktails, fruit ice, etc.

Today the market offers handheld and electric ice cream machines. But, of course, electrical models are much more popular.

Mechanical models

The mechanical model contains a metal cup inside a container with a handle for rotating the blades.

These models work as follows. Initially, freezer cools the bowl with a milk mixture within 10-12 hours. Then, bowl is placed into device. In fact, mixture of ice and salt between the walls performs the function of the refrigerant. Then, user rotates slowly the crank for a few minutes. This process is repeated several times. Device makes four servings of ice cream in about 40 minutes.

Of course, the bowl should be in the freezer necessarily in vertical position. This aspect is important when choosing a model. For example, the bowl with a volume of 1.5 qt requires a freezer height at least 7 in, with a volume of 1 liters – 5,5 in.

Of course, today mechanical models are obsolete. Making ice cream using such devices requires a lot of time, personal presence and physical effort. However, some consumers prefer a mechanical model due to wider, in their opinion, a flavoring gamut of the finished ice cream.

Electric models

Electric ice cream makers are divided on automatic and semi-automatic models according to the operation principle.

The cost of the compressor ice cream machines depends on their technical values the list of which includes a material and volume of the bowl, engine power, etc.

Modern models include the following main components:

– housing;

– a double-walled container. The space between the walls is filled with refrigerant;

– the engine for rotating the blades;

– compressor in automatic models.

The device works as follows.

1. The user chooses a recipe for ice cream and mixes the appropriate ingredients in a bowl.

2. In the case of using the model without a compressor, the mixture is cooled in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours at a temperature of -15 degrees and below. But the automatic model cools the bowl for 5-10 minutes with an integrated compressor.

3. The bowl with the cooled mixture is placed in a container and the device is turned on.

4. The beep notifies about the end of cooking.

Of course, devices with a compressor are more modern and convenient. Moreover, many automatic models have a removable bowl for quick cooking the various ice cream and do not require prior freezing of the mixture. But, these models are much more expensive compared to devices without a compressor.

Additional functions

1. The dispenser simplifies dosing servings of ice cream and additives.

2.Sorbet cooking mode.

Ice cream sorbet does not contain dairy products and is cooked from fruits or berries.

Many children love this healthy and tasty dessert.

4. The timer, indicator light and beeps about end of cooking increase the usability of the device.

5. An ingredient transparent window is very convenient for visual control of the cooking process.


Semi-automatic models without compressor are more compact and cheaper, but less productive and require pre-cooling the mixture for a long time. They are well suited for the periodic cooking an ice cream in small amount.

Automatic compressor ice cream machine provides high performance and automation of the cooking process. They are very convenient and easy to use because of additional features, such as a dispenser, additional container, etc. Higher price, size and weight are its disadvantages. They are ideal for cooking the large amounts of various dessert.

This video demonstrates how to make dessert using a modern ice cream maker.

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