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Ice cream machine features

Today the market offers a wide range of different ice cream makers. The choice of the optimal model depends on its price and technical values that affect the functionality.

Bowl capacity

This value is particularly important for semi-automatic models without compressor. Bowl height should correspond to the dimensions of the freezer, because the bowl must always be in an upright position. Minimal height of the bowls in modern models is 5,5 in.

Of course, freezer bowl capacity affects the number of servings. Semi-automatic models can not cook several portions in a row due to need of pre-cooling the mixture during long time. Therefore, this value is especially important for them. Models with two bowls are a convenient solution in this case.

Bowls with a volume up to 2 Qt and a height up to 8 in are the most common in household models.

Mixture volume is significantly increased during cooking the ice cream. Therefore, the bowl capacity exceeds the volume of the finished ice cream. For example, a bowl with volume of 1.58 Qt provides cooking the only 900 grams of dessert, and the volume of 1.16 Qt corresponds to 600 grams of ice cream. Standard serving weighs about 70-80 grams. Therefore, the bowl with volume of 1 Qt provides cooking up to 6 servings per cycle.

Some models have the portioned cups for the finished ice cream.

The bowl capacity is often coded in the model name. The volume of household models rarely exceeds of 1,8 Qt. The volume of semi-professional models is 2,6 Qt and more.


Bowls and body are traditionally made of stainless steel or food plastic. The plastic models are cheaper. Some such ice cream makers have futuristic design with a variety of color palettes.

But they are less safe from the hygienic point of view. Changes in temperature may provoke the formation of micro cracks in the walls that can serve as a breeding place for germs.

Models of stainless steel are more expensive and heavier. But the steel easily withstands falls and bumps. The hygienic safety, reliability and stylish design are their main advantages.


Home models, especially without a compressor, consume little energy. The power of such devices is usually from 4 to 35 W. It easily provides rotation of blades inside the bowl. Of course, power of compressor ice cream machines is substantially more and reaches of 150-200 W. Usually, power is proportional to bowl volume.

The noise level of these devices is comparable with the noise of the mixer. Some models can be powered by batteries, including the freezer. Such model, for example, is offered by Panasonic Company.


Bowls are not designed for washing in a dishwasher due to possible damage to their surface.

Storage of device in high humidity conditions provokes the formation of rust on surface of the steel. Therefore the device thoroughly is dried after washing.

Using the chemically active agents with abrasive properties or of metallic brushes is unacceptable. Manufacturers recommend using the chemically neutral detergents and sponges.

The blades are made of impact-resistant plastic. The rotation speed is small and is only 20-25 rpm. Therefore, they are rarely break. But they are sometimes lost. The absence of this small detail will make it impossible using the device. A spare blade in the kit eliminates this problem.

Service life of device depends on the proper care. On average, it is from 3 to 7 years.

The walls of bowls are sometimes covered by condensate due to the temperature difference. But this does not affect the taste of the ice cream and on the device operation.

Manufacturers do not recommend placing the device near with heat sources, for example, radiators, gas and electric stoves, oven, etc. On the contrary, the operation of fan, kitchen hood or air conditioner accelerates the cooking process due to additional cooling.

For the first time, the new device is desirable to switch on after 8 hours for equalizing the refrigerant temperature and air in the room.

Many modern models provide the preparation of Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream. The video offers a review of such a Cuisinart ICE-30BC model.

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