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Innovative 4D FDR Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator series Review

Innovative 4D FDR Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator series Review

As known, the segment of household appliances is characterized by fierce competition between its leaders. Therefore, companies are forced to maintain the competitiveness of their products on a very high level. Of course, it depends primarily on traditional criteria, including price and quality. But the quality of top models has almost reached its maximum, and a further increase usually requires significant costs, which adversely affect the price. Thus, today this resource has been largely exhausted.

But expanding functionality improves competitiveness no less effectively. Of course, this direction requires active use of innovations, first of all, digital technologies. For example, LG OLED TV 65E8, innovative Miele dialog oven, innovative YUNMAI smart scale, innovative Samsung QuickDrive washers, etc perfectly illustrate this trend.

Refrigerators are no exception. Of course, Korean Samsung Electronics is rightfully one of the innovative leaders in recent decades. In 2016, at the CES exhibition, the company first introduced the innovative Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator with support for Wi-Fi connectivity and a 21.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Over the next two years, the company expanded this series to 10 models. 2018 is no exception. The company introduced a new generation of Family Hub refrigerators, adding to this series four new 4D FDR models.

Novelty received an award in the category “Best Innovation.”

4D FDR Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

These models use a 21.5-inch touchscreen display and Tizen OS. In addition, the flagship model additionally has a built-in AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker, which provides high-quality playback of audio content. Other models can connect to external speakers via Bluetooth.

All models use a Wi-Fi module for connecting to the Internet and for connecting to a smartphone and other smart devices.

Of course, their functionality significantly exceeds traditional refrigerators. In fact, the novelty combines the functions of storing and buying food with the cooking process, is a communication center between family members and serves as a media center. In addition, Family Hub integrates with Samsung’s SmartThings app, providing connectivity to a Smart Home. The SmartThings app connects Family Hub to hundreds of compatible devices from Samsung and other companies.
OS desktop interface is similar to Android.

It contains widgets to access the menu with apps.

The refrigerator supports different profiles for each family member, providing synchronization of the calendar and the list of tasks.

Other Family Hub apps provide online food ordering, browser, timer, weather, recipes, a drawing board, and streaming Spotify and TuneIn music services. In addition, new models support the transfer of data from Smart TV and smartphone. In fact, the refrigerator performs the function of a media center.

The built-in camera provides a view from the smartphone of the refrigerator contents with the help of View Inside app.

Other features

Additionally, the new Family Hub supports the Ring video doorbell function by transferring the image from the camera to the refrigerator screen. Moreover, the refrigerator interface provides a call to Uber taxi through a separate app.

Additionally, the Samsung Meal Planner App offers recipes based on the availability of food in the refrigerator, their shelf life, preferences and dietary restrictions for family members and based on a shopping list. According to the company, Samsung plans to add a machine learning for automatic recognition of the added products.

Of course, the support of the virtual Bixby Assistant also significantly expands the functionality of this novelty.

As known, Bixby was created to optimize the interactive mode of the smartphone. In fact, Bixby is a significantly improved voice assistant that uses an intuitive interface with elements of self-study. Modern Bixby supports Voice, Vision, Reminder and Home functions.

In addition, the new Family Hub 2018 uses Space Max technology to increase the internal volume of the refrigerator by reducing the wall thickness.

This technology does not worsen energy efficiency due to the improved quality of the thermal insulation.

Additionally, refrigerators use innovative Metal Cooling to increase temperature stability.

In fact, the unique steel Metal Cooling panel on the back of the refrigerator serves as a cold accumulator.


Of course, the use of a combination of these technologies provides innovative leadership of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerators.

But they have several drawbacks. Of course, a very high price, reaching $ 5,000, is the main disadvantage. In addition, the models do not provide load / delete apps. Unfortunately, voice control and SmartThings integration are not available today.

Overall, the Samsung Family Hub is a great, but very expensive fridge with excellent prospects for further expanding the functionality by improving the smart software.

This video demonstrates the apps and widgets of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

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