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Innovative Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SmartThings support Review

Innovative Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SmartThings support Review

Competition between leaders in the consumer electronics segment forces companies to ensure a very high level of competitiveness of their products. Of course, price and quality are traditionally the main selection criteria. But the quality of modern top models has already reached the maximum level. As a rule, its further improvement negatively affects the final price.

But extending the functionality also successfully solves this problem. In fact, today this is the most promising direction. But it requires active use of innovations, first of all, digital technologies. The innovative Miele dialogue oven, Samsung QuickDrive washer, etc perfectly illustrates this trend.

The smart home technology leads the list. Probably, many people know the LG AI DeepThinQ platform, which the company introduced at CES 2017. A year later, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the company already introduced a line of LG devices with ThinQ support.

Of course, Samsung is successfully competing in this segment. Since 2014, the company has been actively developing Smart Home direction. In addition, the acquisition of SmartThings Inc has provided a powerful impetus to its development. But until recently, SmartThings and Samsung used their own platforms and apps. In particular, Samsung has created Smart Home, Smart View and Samsung Connect to manage consumer electronics. But in the spring of 2018, the company combined all the devices on the same platform with the SmartThings app.

The video at the end demonstrates Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner at CES 2016.

Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SmartThings support

As known, today the company simultaneously offers SmartThings and SmartThings Classic apps. In fact, the new SmartThings is an improved version of SmartThings Classic with advanced features by combining the IoT from Samsung and SmartThings. However, the new SmartThings Hub already supports SmartThings app. But the SmartThings app uses the Samsung login system and requires an account update. Therefore, the company provides a banner for updating your SmartThings account to a Samsung account.

The new platform supports connecting all devices with “Works with SmartThings” label. In fact, this is an improved version of the Samsung Connect app with enhanced functionality.

Today, the company offers, for example, innovative Dual Cook Flex oven and 4D FDR Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with SmartThings support.

Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner with SmartThings support also belongs to this series.

But, of course, SmartThings support is not the only innovation of the model.

According to the company, the model provides a very high suction capacity, which reaches 42.9W or approximately 3kPa (42.9W x 71). This value exceeds by 50% even the most powerful Dyson 360 Eye, which provides no more 2kPa. Of course, many experts are quite skeptical about these values due to the ambiguity of the calculation method. Nevertheless, the VR9300K is indeed a very powerful device and can reasonably be classified as one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners. The model uses CycloneForce technology and Digital Inverter Motor, providing a constant suction capacity for any surface.


Samsung VR9300K has a very stylish design.

The heavily spring-loaded suspension with 1,5-inch freewheeling of large, upgraded Easy Pass wheels provides excellent overcoming obstacles to up to 20 mm in height, including the carpet edges and the door sills.

The width of the improved brush reaches 12.25 inches, providing greater cleaning efficiency.

The robot maps your house and calculates the optimal cleaning path with the help of high performance sensors and an on-board digital camera or Visionary Mapping Plus System.

It also provides battery recharge and resumption of cleaning from the point of stopping work. FullView Sensor 2.0 detects very narrow and small obstacles and cleans corners three times.

Select & Go in the smartphone app helps to make a map and choose a room for cleaning.

Of course, the model supports schedule cleaning times.

‘Spot’ clean mode or Point Cleaning provides cleaning the specific areas in a spiral pattern with area approximately 1.5ft x 1.5ft. In addition, the robot automatically increases the suction power upon detection of severe pollution.



– SmartThings support;

– superb navigation;

– Easy Pass wheels provides excellent overcoming obstacles;

– stylish design;

– very high suction capacity provides excellent carpet cleaning, including from pet hair;

– high performance due to the increased brush width;

– remote and networked control.


– average edge cleaning on carpets;

– relatively large size and weight;

– high price;

– noise level reaches 78 dBA;

– the lack of side brushes limits the cleaning in the corners and along the walls.

Samsung Connected VR9300K Robot Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for high-quality cleaning the relatively large rooms with carpets. The model also supports almost all smart options of modern robots, including mapping, automatic recharging and adjustment of suction power, etc. But the high price and the lack of a wet wipe mode are hardly optimal for cleaning a small room with a smooth floor.

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