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Innovative Lequip BS7 blender

Innovative Lequip BS7 blender

The popularity of healthy eating is one of the main trends of modern life. Of course, various smoothies made from berries, fruits or vegetables with the addition of milk, ice, juice, ice cream, etc., occupy a worthy place in this list. As a result, blenders, mixers and other similar devices retain their popularity. Of course, the company offers an abundance of different devices in this segment.

However, fierce competition is typical for the entire home appliance market. It encourages companies to constantly improve models, ensuring their competitiveness by expanding functionality and consumer qualities. The segment of complex household appliances, such as TVs, coffee machines, etc. solves this problem by using digital or other innovative technologies. But, of course, these possibilities are limited for relatively simple technology, including mixers, blenders, juicers, etc.

Nevertheless, engineers find the possibility of improving even such relatively simple equipment. The list of these directions includes such aspects as the device quality, its functionality, efficiency and usability.

Korean L’equip company belongs to the leaders of this segment. Perhaps some are even familiar with its popular L’EQUIP 528 and L’EQUIP IR D5 food dehydrators. In 2016, the company offered a range of new very powerful blenders, including RPM BS3, BS5 and BS7 models.

For example, the power and rotation speed of the BS7 engine reach 4.6 HP and 33 thousand rpm. Of course, this motor allows you to use the device as a meat grinder, mixer and even a food processor, providing a very high level of its versatility.


The jug of Tritan BPA-free plastic has a square shape with rounded corners and tapers towards the bottom. As known, this material belongs to environmentally friendly heavy-duty polymers. The thickness of its walls reaches 3.5 mm. The side surfaces contain graduations of volume in ml and cups, which vary from 300 to 2000 ml in 100 ml increments and from 1 to 8 cups in 1 cup increments, respectively.

The knife block contains four long knives for chopping and two short knives for improved mixing. Long knives are bent up and down in pairs to increase the efficiency of their work by increasing the chopping volume.

Moreover, the model has an additional jug of stainless steel for grinding solid ingredients. This jug uses a similar knife block and has its own cap with a stopper for adding ingredients. Its graduation varies from 10 to 40 ml in 10 ml increments.


Of course, simplicity, reliability and functionality of controls is one of the main advantages of this model. It uses only one rotating dial with a button in the center.

The intensity of the circular LED orange illumination around the button reflects the current speed of knives rotation. Accordingly, the Low position corresponds to the minimum speed.

Turning the knob clockwise increases speed. In total, the blender uses six speeds. Pressing the button stops the rotation or activates the pulse mode in case of maximum speed. Holding it for more than 2 seconds activates an automatic Recipe mode that uses a unique combination of grinding and mixing modes. This algorithm works as follows:

– 0-16 seconds – a smooth increase in speed from 20% to 100% power;

– 16-25 seconds – 3 short pulse inclusions;

– 25-39 seconds – grinding at a constant power of 100%;

– 39-44 seconds – 2 short pulse inclusions;

– 44-60 seconds – grinding at a constant power of 100%;

– 60 seconds – stop working.

In fact, it optimizes the blender operation for optimal processing the different types of products. Pauses in work and short-term impulse inclusions ensure effective mixing of even the thick mixture, which periodically sticks to the walls of the jug.

Of course, this mode can be considered innovative, since modern devices in this segment practically do not support automatic modes.


Of course, the model has a traditional rubberized legs and cable compartment.

But engineers were able to significantly improve this important criterion due to additional design solutions. For example, a plastic pusher has a recess for the lid plug, solving the problem of its storage during manual mixing.

The diameters and contours of the jugs correspond to each other, allowing the user to place the smaller jug in the main one. The jug is mounted on the motor unit in any position, without requiring alignment or turns for latching.

Moreover, care contains only several very simple operations. Jug cleaning requires about a liter of warm water, a few drops of cleaning agent and 15 seconds of work at maximum power. The special silicone sealant between the jug and the knife block is very easily detached for cleaning. The company recommends its replacement after 1 year. But service life reaches 4-5 years, if the blender does not work every day.

Cleaning the lid and pusher requires a simple rinse under running water with a mild detergent. The remaining elements are wiped with a damp soft cloth.

The recommended blender continuous operation time is 3 minutes. Further processing leads to an increase in temperature.

Unfortunately, the model does not work silently. But the noise level is quite acceptable for such power.

But the operation of the overheating protection system has a peculiarity. The blender automatically turns on after cooling. Therefore, the user must take this factor into account and either control the process or turn off the device in this case.

Of course, all these aspects provide excellent usability of model.


Even at maximum load, the actual energy consumption did not exceed 2000 W, although the manufacturer indicates 3400 W. The device consumes only 400-450 W for traditional vegetables and fruits and 1200 W for solid ingredients, including carrots.

Test results:

– tomatoes – a homogeneous smoothie for a few seconds;

– banana-berry smoothie – a great result for 60 seconds in the Recipe mode;

– vegetable puree – homogeneous vegetable puree for less than 60 seconds;

– cashew nuts – grinding time less than 60 seconds, but in an additional metal jug to prevent possible scratches on the walls of the main plastic jug;

– meat and onions – chopping large pieces of meat caused overheating and automatic shutdown. But additional cutting the meat into smaller pieces and its portion processing solved this problem.


– huge power and knives rotation speed;

– automatic innovative Recipe mode;

– simple but very functional controls;

– usability corresponds to the highest level;

– stylish design and a great set of attachments.


– too high a price that reaches $ 485;

– heating food due to high power.

This fun video demonstrates the capabilities of the blender.

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