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Innovative Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum Review

Innovative Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum Review

Today, digital-based automation is one of the main directions of development of household appliances. Moreover, this trend is true for almost all market segments. Multi-cookers with automatic cooking programs, smart ovens, modern coffee machines, washing machines, etc perfectly illustrate this trend. But, of course, the robot vacuums are its absolute embodiment. A few decades ago, these models were considered exotic. But today they have become a familiar attribute in many apartments. Of course, the capabilities of modern robots are radically different from the first models. For example, devices of the upper price segment provide sufficiently high-quality cleaning even for carpets, some models support Wet Mop, almost all have effective navigation and a fairly long battery life, etc.

Today, many companies specialize in the design and manufacture of robotic vacuums. For example, this list includes American iRobot, Neato Robotics or Chinese iLife (Shenzhen ZhiYi Technologies) companies. But the market leaders of traditional vacuums quite successfully compete with them. For example, Dyson Robot Vacuums today provide maximum suction power. The famous German Miele is also successfully present in this segment. In 2018, the company proposed the innovative Miele Scout RX2 Robot Vacuum SLQL0 30.

As known, Miele Scout RX2 is designed and manufactured by the South Korean Yujin Robot company under the Miele brand in two versions, including Miele Scout RX2 Saugroboter and Home Vision. Probably, some people know the simplified iCLEBO Omega from this company, which is very popular in the middle price segment.


Of course, the RX2 class is significantly higher in many respects, but their prices also differ by more than 2 times. Today, they are $ 950 – $ 1,000 and $ 400, respectively.

This list includes:

– stereo camera and IR illumination complement SLAM navigation technology, improving the recognition of obstacles, including in dark areas.

In fact, the model supports 3D Smart Navigation.

– roller brush with a larger diameter and a more durable and elastic lamellae has an additional gap for small debris and provides a more efficient cleaning the carpets. It collects coarse dirt and fibers, with a combination of dense bristles and rubber lips.

– Furniture Protection Technology uses data from seven optical sensors on the front panel to recognize obstacles. In addition, 3 sensors at the device bottom recognize the steps of the stairs, preventing the robot from falling;

– side brushes on remote consoles additionally perform the function of obstacle sensors. The swing-out side brushes clean along walls and in corners, while the suction aperture with roller brush clean the surface in the direction of travel. The company calls this system Quattro Cleaning Power.

– additional bumper improves overcoming obstacles;

– additional brush clears the front wheels from adhering debris;

– AirClean Plus Filter reliably protects the engine from debris.

– 3 engine power levels, including modes with reduced noise level;

– the mobile app provides a cleaning schedule, video from the robot and a room map during the cleaning process.


The model cleans the surface along the “snake’s” trajectory.

Scout RX2 in Auto mode automatically clears all rooms available to it and returns to the charging station. In case of battery discharge during cleaning, the robot charges the battery for 180 minutes and continues cleaning from the point of interruption. Remote control provides manual control in the selected part of the room. Spot mode provides cleaning in a given area with an area of 70 x 70 inches. Turbo mode uses a trajectory along parallel lines with increased distance between them. It reduces cleaning time by 50% compared to Auto mode.

Home Vision uses two front cameras for image transmission to smartphone.

The touchscreen display provides simple, intuitive controls.

Miele Scout operates for up to 2 hours without recharging, cleaning about 1600 square feet. Dust collector holds 16 oz of trash and dust.

Testing has demonstrated a very high cleaning quality compared to iCLEBO Omega, especially for carpets. Wider side brushes reduce cleaning time by about 20-25%. Of course, the new navigation is also much more efficient.

Additionally, reducing the profile from 3.4 to 3.3 inches slightly expanded the possibilities of cleaning under low furniture.

Remote access is via the Miele cloud server and a WLAN home network after the registration.

The model has the option to turn off the sound, supports the zone cleaning mode through the app and automatically determines own location.

In addition, non-parallel wheels at an angle significantly improve the permeability of the robot.


In general, Miele Scout RX2 rightly claims leadership in the upper price segment of modern robot vacuums, providing excellent functionality and high quality cleaning. Unfortunately, the model has several minor flaws, including the lack of automatic turbo mode and trajectory of the double snake, no cleaning time display, fixed roller brush and not very convenient emptying the garbage. But, of course, a very high price is its main drawback. The video shows its operation.

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