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Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M

New Delonghi Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M carob coffee maker Review

For 10 years, the Delonghi Dedica series is one of the most popular in carob coffee makers segment. Today it includes:

– EC 680 (2013) – от $ 240;

– EC 685 (2018, height-adjustable Dedica trip tray + Panarello) ~ £ 200.

Delonghi Dedica double trip tray
Delonghi Dedica double trip tray

– EC 785 (2021, 50mm tamper and 350ml milk jug) ~ $ 250 / €‎ ‎280 / £‎ 255;

EC 885 Dedica Arte (2021, new ‘My LatteArt’ steam wand + ‘M’ color + additional basket + 130 mm cup height) ~ $ 250.

The new Dedica Maestro Plus EC950.M is the fifth version of this popular family and costs ~ $ 350 / £ 350.

Key Features

The new coffee machine is slightly larger in size, but this is due to increased functionality. This list includes:

– automatic frother with a paired thermostat;

– larger water tank (1.6L vs 1.0L in previous compact models);

– additional niche for accessories;

– improved control panel with five buttons instead of three, and with additional signal LEDs to indicate coffee temperature levels of coffee, milk and pre-wetting mode.

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Controls
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Controls

As a result, the adjustment range has expanded (espresso temperature – 92/94/96℃ and milk foam temperature – 60/65/70℃), and the settings have become more intuitive;

– drainage for steam dump and quickly cooling the thermoblock (a small hole from the body of the coffee maker into the tray).

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Stem drainage
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Stem drainage

It allows the coffee maker to make several cappuccinos in a row. When frothing milk in steam mode, the thermoblock heats up to 140°C, but brewing espresso requires only 90-95°C. Accordingly, preparing several cappuccinos in a row requires pauses between cycles for cooling. Drainage solves this problem almost instantly by releasing steam into the drip tray and freeing up space for fresh cold water. To be fair, this option is available on almost all automatic coffee machines and in some carob models, including, for example, Krups Calvi.

For safety, hot steam is directed into a special plastic box in a tray. But it can briefly heat certain tray areas. Therefore, it’s better not to touch it for 10-15 seconds after the milk has frothed.

Design improvements

This list includes:

– more accessories (tamper, milk pitcher, needle for cleaning the cappuccino nozzle, two baskets with double bottom for 15-16 grams of ground coffee).

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Accessories
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Accessories

– design of new holder weighing 0.5 kg is similar to those used in professional models.

But, unfortunately, it increased the coffee path length. In addition, it uses a new lock and, apart from La Specialista, is not compatible with previous Delonghi Dedica models.

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M holder
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M holder

– improved pre-wetting mode (supplying a small amount of water into the basket – pause – starting the main brewing cycle) increases the coffee richness. This option in the new EC950M can be disabled (0 second pause), set to 1 or 2 second. As in La Specialista, the first water portion is supplied at reduced pressure due to the intermittent pump mode;

– as the name EC950M with the letter M suggests, the model is only available in metallic color;

– the increase in height increased the maximum height of the cup to 12 cm.

Moreover, lovers of lattes in tall glasses can remove the drip tray, increasing the permissible height to 15 cm. In addition, the model comes with a stand for small cups.

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Stand
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Stand

They are convenient, for example, for espresso or ristretto.

New milk foam frother

Of course, this is the main improvement of the model.

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Auto LatteArt system
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M Auto LatteArt system

Unlike conventional Pannarello nozzles in Dedica EC680, 685, 785 or the professional steam tap in EC885 Arte, preparing high-quality milk foam with its help does not require skills. Electronic whipping control and a new three-hole nozzle makes dense, fine, and microfoam for latte art.

Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M LatteArt
Dedica Maestro Plus EC950M LatteArt

Strictly speaking, formally it can be considered semi-automatic, since when whipping foam you need to manually add milk and select the mode using the cappuccino maker lever.

The default setting of 65℃ may seem excessive for milk, but the coffee maker has a temperature setting. In fact, the additional twin tube-pin next to the steam wand acts as a thermostat, turning off the steam supply at the set temperature. In addition, it automatically steam cleans itself of milk residues after the cycle is completed.

The cappuccino maker can also operate in manual mode. But the rather wide design of the hybrid steam wand, the narrow neck of the 350 ml milk jug and the lack of a 360° rotation option create some inconveniences in its use.



– Advanced Thermoblock ensures a fast heat up and has 3 brewing temperatures;

– Active Temperature Control maintains a stable water temperature during the extraction;

– superb quality milk foam with Auto LatteArt milk frother;

– quick start and warm-up (15 seconds – to boiling water + 10 seconds – to steam for frothing milk, instant cooling with drainage system);

– the self-cleaning system for steam wand.


– less compact;

– low thermal conductivity of the plastic reduces the holder temperature;

– very hot drip tray after frothing milk;

– incompatibility of some accessories with previous Dedica models;

– there is no function for dispensing hot water, which is convenient for Americano lovers.

Compared to previous models, Maestro Plus EC950.M has a larger body with expanded and more convenient settings, several improvements (new holder, steam drainage, etc) and Auto LatteArt milk frother for milk-based coffee drinks witha uto/manual modes. Of course, it also makes black coffee using all traditional Delonghi Dedica technologies. In fact, the series can be positioned as a budget version of fully automatic coffee machines in the lower price segment.

Moreover, it makes superb milk foam and offers premium quality, backed by the impeccable reputation of the Delonghi brand. In general, the great price-quality ratio promises it cloudless marketing prospects and a place among the bestsellers.

This video demonstrates the Dedica EC950M Maestro Plus.

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